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The future is often shaped by visionary leaders who foresee challenges, identify needs and deliver resources. In the chamber world, such leaders recognize the importance of a powerful, nimble association working on behalf of those who lead communities and businesses.

ACCE’s Horizon Investor Program provides for the mission success of the association in high priority work areas, especially economic and community development. Horizon Investors enhance ACCE’s ability to help members bolster regional prosperity and organizational innovation. As we move into our Second Century, ACCE must continue to innovate and develop products, tools and talent to help you win in the future – beyond the visible horizon. Our members demand cutting edge resources that simply cannot be created through dues income alone.

A commitment of $2,500 per year, beyond the regular membership dues schedule, is requested of Horizon Investors. A full array of exclusive benefits (see below) is provided for those who invest at this level, but we know your support is built on belief, not discounts. We count on ACCE’s leading members to embrace this new investment, which will sustain the organization you have built, and ensure continued advancement in the coming decades. Thank you for your support!

Exceptional returns on exceptional investments
As we move into our Second Century, ACCE is evolving toward more consistent funding streams. Part of that sustainable model is the need for our most active members and staunchest supporters to invest “beyond the rate card.” ACCE must rely on the organizations that built this association over the last 100 years to do just a bit extra to ensure future success.

Exceptional investment in ACCE pays dividends:

  • In 2002, ACCE crafted the “Energizing the Chamber World” program, which raised $1.2 million to rebuild ACCE after a very difficult period in its history.
  • In 2006, a special $300,000 funding campaign enabled ACCE to build its “community advancement” portfolio of economic development and public policy work. Without this initiative, ACCE would not have qualified for millions in game-changing foundation funds, which have flowed to and through ACCE for your benefit for eight years.
  • In 2010, the In This Together campaign was launched with a full menu of objectives for $750,000. One of the campaign’s outcomes was the creation of the most comprehensive, accessible and powerful online library of chamber and community development resources in the world.

In each case, with your help and generosity, we delivered on campaign promises and much more. ACCE has become what we all hoped it could be. Exceptional investments at critical times made it happen. Making such investments predictable and sustainable for the future makes sense, which is the purpose of the Horizon Investor initiative. Please join the growing list of seriously committed investors.

Horizon Investors


Horizon Investor Benefits Package

  • Visible recognition at the Convention, in Chamber Executive magazine and on
  • Periodic special reports on chamber trends, finances and membership statistics
  • Personalized matchmaking (senior ACCE staff making direct introductory calls for you both inside and outside the profession)
  • Up to five hours per year of consulting or customized research ($500)
  • Exclusive small-group Q&A session with featured convention speaker
  • 50% reduction in honorarium for retreat or presentation to your chamber by a senior staff member of ACCE ($1,250 value)
  • Unrestricted access to all online courses ($100 - $350 per course)
  • Annual report on chamber financial, compensation and membership metrics ($199)
  • Community Peer Group membership fee waived. ($300)
  • Up to three hours per year of HR/employee benefits consulting ($300)
  • CEO Transition/Succession consulting with chamber search committee ($750)
  • Convention Discounts: 50% off registration (CEO only), Early Bird pricing for your entire staff, even if you’re late. ($500+)
  • One free registration to each regional topic-specific conference, i.e. Sales Conference ($400+)
  • Chamber of the Year application fee waived ($250)
  • ACE Award application fee waived for your first entry ($195)
  • Council Member status and leadership opportunities via ACCE’s seven divisions ($100)
  • Free subscriptions to ACCE’s award-winning Chamber Executive magazine for members of your board of directors ($32 each)
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