Beginning Our Second Century

ACCE's 2014-17 Strategic Plan

Chambers and the people who run them are experiencing revolutionary, not evolutionary, changes. Pervasive, rapid change affects communities, economies, politics, demographics, services, business models and the very nature of belonging to a group such as a chamber of commerce. ACCE must adapt because its members must adapt. This plan assumes that solid reliance on ACCE's proven core will be balanced with new strategies to move our members toward an envisioned future.

Entering the Association's Second Century, ACCE must prepare but remain nimble, be solid yet fluid as we assist those serving and leading chambers. We will plan for resource requirements, but we must expect that resources will be reallocated to meet unknowable future demands. In short, our strategic plan must create the kind of organization that can handle whatever comes next, and at the same time try to shape what comes next.

Why Does ACCE Exist?

Turning 100 years old is a good enough reason to re-examine why we're here.

The Proven Core

Many strategic plans are about building something new from the ground up. Ours is not.


Our Second Century Begins

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