Who We Are

Established in 1914, the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) serves professionals who manage chambers of commerce. ACCE's mission is to support and develop these chamber leaders to advance the interests of their communities and businesses. For more history of ACCE, see our centennial website.

ACCE represents 7,000 leaders from 1,300 chambers of commerce, including 93 of the top 100 U.S. metro areas. The combined memberships of these chambers exceeds 1.2 million businesses. Members look to ACCE for best practices, networks and new ideas. ACCE recommends successful programs and strategies, and identifies trends, partners and business models that show promise.

For more information about chambers and ACCE, see the video below celebrating ACCE’s centennial. Also, (What is a Chamber of Commerce?) explains in detail the nature and operations of chambers. You may also download ACCE's bylaws .

ACCE members may download and display this video as they please.