Chamber Essentials for Issuing Certificates of Origin

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Certificates of Origin (COs) are international trade documents used to determine the origin of goods for official, commercial and financial reasons. Since 1898, chambers have been recognized by government and customs officials as competent authorities to issue COs. With nearly 4 million certificates issued within the United States annually, chambers play a crucial role as trusted third parties bringing reliability, integrity, neutrality and impartiality in the issuance of COs.

This four-part online eCourse series will help you determine if your chamber should be in the business of issuing certificates of origin. You will learn from credible experts how globally chambers have become the issuing authority of certificates of origin; receive legal advice on what chambers should know and do as the issuing authority; hear how one chamber retrieved their corporate seal from freight forwarders that were using them to create certificates for their customers; and finally learn a brief "how-to" process from a chamber professional that has been issuing certificates for over 30 years.

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Module One: Introduction & Global Overview of Certificates of Origin

In this module Mr. Parkes shares with us a historical perspecitve on how Chambers of Commerce came to be designated as the "competent authority" for CO issuance; with over fifteen million COs issued around the world annually, Anthony shares a global view on international CO practices; and lastly suggested resources for ongoing education pertaining to proper CO protocol aimed at professionalizing the CO practices within the United States.

Presenter: Anthony Parkes
Anthony Parkes is the Executive Director for the International Chamber of Commerce - World Chambers Federation (ICC-WCF). Since joining ICC in 1998, Anthony has been instrumental in the establishment of WCF's Certificates of Origin program in 2003, a global network of chamber CO experts advocating the role of chambers as natural agents to issue COs. Prior to joining ICC, Anthony was a Senior Executive at the Queensland Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in Brisbane, Australia, responsible for a full range of trade and commercial services, including the issuance of certificates of origin.

Module Two: Legal Aspects of Non-Preferential Certificates of Origin

In this module Mr. Jacobson shares with us the distinction between preferential and non-preferential certificates of origin; an overview of what constitutes the country of origin for CO purposes under U.S. law; the cost of non-compliance and what chambers need to know about the impact of false or inaccurate CO claims in international commerce; and other legal considerations regarding COs, including compliance with U.S. sanctions and antiboycott laws and regulations.

Presenter: Douglas N. Jacobson, Esq.
Doug Jacobson, founder of the Law Offices of Douglas N. Jacobson, PLLC, is a Washington, DC based international trade lawyer with more than 20 years experience representint U.S. and non-U.S. companies on exports controls, sanctions, customs, FCPA and other international trade-related matters.

Module Three: Getting Your Stamp Back!

In this module Daniele shares with us what led the Northern Kentucky Chamber to retrieve its stamps from local area companies and freightforwards; what steps the Northern Kentucky Chamber took to get to both get its stamps back while rebuilding its CO business model; how companies and freightforwards responded to the chamber's request for its stamp back; and what they learned from the process along the way.

Presenter: Daniele S. Longo, IOM, MBA, MS
Daniele S. Longo is the Vice President, Business Growth, Healthcare Solutions and International Affairs for the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.

Module Four: CO's Done Right - L.A. Style!

In this module Pat walks us through LA’s step-by-step approach for issuing COs, highlighting critical best practices for CO authentication and accurate record keeping, as well as what the LA Chamber has learned in 30 years in running a successful CO business model, generating over 7,000 COs annually, including why cross training is critical.

Presenter: Pat Clark
Pat Clark is the Membership Manager for the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, the largest business advocacy organization in the Los Angeles area with more than 1,600 member companies. Clark began her tenure at the Chamber in 1980 and is now responsible for leading LA's membership initiatives, surpasing $1.8 million in membership revenue in 2008. Pat has since worked in the International Trade department and now leads the chamber's CO efforts, managing the issuance of 7,000 CO's annually with a team of 3.

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