ACCE's 2014 Convention: Session Handouts

Session Handouts

Wednesday, Aug. 13

How Tomorrow's Leaders Will Inspire Communities

Bill Graham, President, Graham Corporate Communications
Handout 698 kb

Segmenting the Small Business Market

Steve Millard, CCE, President and Executive Director, COSE

COSE Handout 1.5 mb


Growing Diverse Businesses

Crystal German, Vice President, Economic Inclusion, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber
Nika White, Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion, Greenville Chamber of Commerce

Powerpoint 3.1 mb


Quality of Place as an Economic Driver

David Brown, President and CEO, Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce
Brad Lacy, President & CEO, Conway Area Chamber
J. Mac Holladay, CCE, PCED, LM, HLM, founder and CEO, Market Street Services

Market Street Handout 8.8 mb


Economic Impacts of Higher Education Attainment

Haley Glover, Director of Convening Strategy, Lumina Foundation
Amy Sherman, Associate Vice President for Policy and Strategic Alliances, Council for Adult and Experiential Learning
Cindy Cisneros, Director of Education Programs, Committee for Economic Development

Lumina1 788 kb    |    Lumina2 416 kb


ChamberTalk Brochure Breakdown

Kyle Sexton, Marketing Strategist


Thursday, Aug. 14

Tapping the Entrepreneurial Culture

Michael Dalby, CCE, President and CEO, Columbus Chamber
Sean Kennedy, Greenhouse Manager, St. Petersburg Area Chamber
Penny Lewandowski, Vice President of Entrepreneurship, Edward Lowe Foundation
Christa Tinsley Spaht Senior Project Manager, Market Street Services

Handout  4.4 mb


Your Staff: Here, There and Everywhere!

Anna Brewer, Director, Administrative Compliance, Insperity

Screening 108 kb  |  Factsheet13 30 kb  |  Factsheet71 48 kb  |  IndContractor 127 kb  |  LegalMarijuan 104 kb  |  WageHour 92 kb | Powerpoint 106 kb


Supporting a College and Career-Ready Agenda

Jason Weedon, Senior Vice President, Corporate Relations & Strategic Partnerships, Achieve
Mike Edwards, President & CEO, Knoxville Chamber

Achieve Handout  1.4 mb  |  Knoxville Handout  1.8 mb


Put Your Foundation to Work

David Rattray, Senior Vice President of Education & Workforce Development, Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce
Tim Sheehy,CCE, President, Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce
Ralph Schulz, President & CEO, Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce

Milwaukee Handout  1.4 mb  |  Nashville Handout  631 kb


Impacting Small Business & Gaining Their Support 

Doug Minter, Business Development Manager, Knoxville Chamber
Mark Peachey, Vice President, Business Growth and International Affairs, Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

Knoxville Handout  2.1 mb  |  NKY Handout  1.7 mb


Civility Now

Lindy Broderick, CCE, CAE, Executive Vice President, Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce

Greater Shreveport 3 mb


Tomorrow's Membership Prototypes

Mike Varney, CEO, Tuscon Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
Marianne Virgili, IOM, CCE, President & CEO, Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association

Glenwood Springs Handout 2.9 MB


High Impact Marketing on a Small Budget

Michelle West,
Handout 8.6 mb


The Inclusion Imperative

Mel Gravely, Author, Entrepreneur

Handout 3.3 mb


Using Social Media to Gain New Members

Mike Schlossberg, Member, Pennsylvania House of Representatives, former V.P., Member Relations and Applied Technology, Greater Lehigh Valley (PA) Chamber of Commerce

Social Media PPT 1.8 mb


Healthy Workforce, Healthy Economy

Richard Dayoub, President & CEO, Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce
David Rattray, Senior Vice President of Education & Workforce Development, Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce
Bryan Stephens, President & CEO, Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce

Hampton Roads Handout  2.5 mb  | Hampton Roads Powerpoint 4.5 mbLA Handout 1 1.4 mb  |  LA Handout 2 1.8 mb  |  LA Handout 3 1.8 mb ReadyNation Handout 1.3 mb


Moon Misions: Creating Your Community's Future

Cathi Hight, President, Hight Performance Group

Handout 6.4 mb


Friday, August 15

Future Workforce: Addressing the Skills Gap and Talent Equation

Kelli Wells, Director of U.S. Education Programs, GE Foundation
Patricia Milka, Director, Competitive Workforce, Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Alisha Benson, Vice-President of Education and Workforce, Executive Director, Spokane STEM Network, Greater Spokane Incorporated
Alisa May, Executive Director, Priority Spokane

Fox Cities Handout 1.5 mb  |  Spokane Handout 1.4 mb | Business After School 242 kb | Education and Workforce 758 kb | STEM 709 kb | Teaching Teachers 1.4 mb | Work101 2.2 mb


Cultivating Diverse Leaders

Harold Boone Sr., M.Ed., Vice President, Minority Business Development, Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce
Sonya Hughes, Vice President, Inclusion & Community Leadership, Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce
Valerie Patton, Vice President, Economic Inclusion, St. Louis Regional Chamber

Montgomery Handout 512 kb | St. Louis Handout 164 kb