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ACCE's Salary Survey now available in Dynamic Chamber Benchmarking

HERO Team / Sarah Myers on Thursday, September 25, 2014 at 12:00:00 am

Access Dynamic Chamber Benchmarking anytime you need to - 24/7, 365 days per year. New this year! No waiting for ACCE to compile data into a presentable format—just enter your data for all chamber positions and your FREE results will be formatted automatically. The Salary Survey is open to CEOs or their delegates. (CEOs can email permission to

CLICK HERE to participate in ACCE's new Salary and Benefits Survey! Login with your ACCE username and password. If you don't know it request it here or email

FY 2012 and FY 2013 can be updated now. FY 2014 data will be opened up the first of November.  If you would like the most current salary data now, you would need to enter 2013 data and retrieve 2013 data through the Compare Chambers or Reports and Charts tools. Your comprehensive salary survey results are free; all we need is for you and your peers to enter the data.

A few tips for getting started...

1. If you participated in the previous Salary Survey the CEO Salary data was migrated. The Operations Survey data was also migrated. However, there are many new questions. If you previously participated, review each of the survey sections and update your data. If your chamber did not participate in the previous surveys, you can still catch up and enter your data now for either FY 2012 or FY 2013. FY 2014 will be open in November.

FY definition: For ACCE's surveys, we ask that you use your actual financial data ending in the fiscal year specified. As of now, because FY 2014 data collection is not open yet, for the most recent and immediate results, you will need to use FY 2013. You can also catch up and enter or review your data for FY 2012. Coming next year, the platform will provide a year-over-year comparison feature. 

2. Start with Section 1 - Chamber Profile and review or update any data. Then move on to Section 2 - Operations Survey or Section 3 - Salary Survey. Review, update, or catch up with entering your chamber's data. In the Salary Survey section, be sure to complete all the areas, including salaries for CEO, Senior Staff, Mid-Level Staff, Sales Staff, and Support Staff. The system walks you through each section and you can see how many questions you've answered for each area.

3. In Dynamic Chamber Benchmarking, visit "Support" in the upper right hand corner for definitions, clarifications and to download the Quick Start Guide or the Data Collection Worksheet - a spreadsheet of all the questions for each section in the platform.

4. Read more tips on Dynamic Chamber Benchmarking here.

5. When you have 50% or more of the questions answered, you can access the Compare Chambers and Reports and Charts tools for each of the survey sections and areas. Use the filters for the most accurate comparisons.

6. Compare Chambers shows your chamber’s raw data and answers, metric-by-metric, for each question within the survey sections.

a. Use this to view your chamber’s answer and percentile on-screen, plotted alongside the 25th, 50th/median, and 75th percentiles.

b. Use the filters for true insight and apples-to-apples comparisons. Create your own Peer Cluster filter, which chambers you choose, using aggregate data to keep actual data anonymous.

c. View or download these stats metric-by-metric with the On-Demand charting and save as PPT or PDF. Insert into slides or reports.

d. Use the “Save As” feature to download (PDF or Excel) your responses shown with the percentiles.

7. Reports and Charts shows the calculations and ratios you’ve seen in the past with our report publications for Operations Survey, Membership Statistics, and Salary Survey.

a. Select the filters to build your reports with and set your benchmarks. The Peer Cluster filter can also be applied here. Create as many different Peer Cluster groups as you’d like and re-rerun the reports to view the different benchmarks and your chamber’s activity

b. Download reports for your Chamber’s Profile, Operations Survey and Membership Statistics, and Salary reports (CEO report available now; non-CEO salary report coming soon this fall as soon as we have enough data to build reports. We need your help to get the data in here so we can get the data out for you!)

c. Download the reports in PowerPoint in a matter of seconds!

8. Need help? Email and we can assist. We can also schedule a webinar demo for your and your chamber or join us in our next Lunch and Learn Webinar Series, held the 3rd Wednesday monthly at 12:30-1 Eastern.

We welcome your testimonials, case studies, questions, and feedback. Would you like to be a part of our future Lunch and Learn Webinar Series on Dynamic Chamber Benchmarking to showcase how you’re using the platform? We want to hear from you. Email



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