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Announcing DCB Live Chat Support! Plus, FY 2015 Surveys Now Open!

HERO Team/Sarah Myers on Tuesday, October 20, 2015 at 12:00:00 am

Fiscal Year 2015 surveys in Dynamic Chamber Benchmarking (DCB) are now open for participation, including the Salary Survey and the Operations Survey.

DCB is open 24/7, and free to members – but you can now get immediate help via live chat! So please enter your FY 2015 data now – and encourage your peers to do the same! The more data in the system, the more comprehensive the reports, and the quicker we can release FY 2015 comparisons and reports.

 What you need to know:                                                    

  1. Login here.
  2. Complete three sections:  Chamber Profile, Operations Survey, Salary Survey.
  3. Don't have time to do it all at once? Use the dynamic "Save" feature in each survey section to save your work as you go!
  4. Instant reports and comparisons are still available for FYs 2012-2014! (And the surveys never close: You can enter or update your data at any time.) 
  5. Need help? Visit our Support page and access the Quick Start Guide and Data Collection Worksheet. Use our live chat support in DCB or email us ( for assistance anytime!

For more details, visit Working with Dynamic Chamber Benchmarking.