Yoda, Indiana Jones & the San Anselmo Chamber of Commerce

Tania Kohut on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at 12:00:00 am 

“Dear Mr. Lucas:”

We imagine that’s how the letter from San Anselmo (CA) Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Connie Rodgers to filmmaker George Lucas, of Indiana Jones and Star Wars fame, began.

Lucas is a San Anselmo resident, and he owned property in downtown San Anselmo that the chamber was interested in acquiring. So, Rodgers wrote to Lucas earlier this month and asked, “Would you be interested in donating the land to our nonprofit organization … so that we could turn it into a park?” The response?

According to Rodgers, “When the chamber approached him he was happy to donate the land to such a worthy cause,” Lucas donated the property to the San Anselmo Community Foundation; the plan is raise funds to help build the town center park, which will feature bronze statues of Indiana Jones and Yoda. Read more and see a rendering of the park, designed by the San Anselmo-based Blasen Landscape Architects, here.


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Get Up To Speed . . . For Free!

Tania Kohut on Tuesday, June 19, 2012 at 12:00:00 am 

A new free e-book (soon to be sold at $19.95) shows chamber of commerce leaders how to use social media to attract and retain new members. Through this new publication by Frank J. Kenny, a faculty member for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for Organization Management and social media guru for chambers, chamber professionals learn to use these modern social media tools to quickly and effectively move their chamber into the 21st century.

Readers of the book will discover how Frank and his team grew their chamber of commerce membership by 100% in the space of 18 months using basic social media practices. In this free book he gives other chamber leaders the formula to do it too. He includes quick and simple ways to develop a social media strategy that works for chambers, big and small.

Here’s what Chris Brogan, one of the top bloggers, social media gurus, and new marketers in the world today says about Frank in his excellent foreword to Frank’s book: “Frank here has written up what he feels you need to know as leaders of chambers and associations... He wants you to succeed. He knows the world will be better if you feel educated and ready to take it on. So with that, I say, ‘Learn. Dare to try this stuff. And join the new digital channel.’ There's gold in these here hills.”

Frank shares how to use social media to turn a camber into a business funnel that new business will flow into and stay there. He also shares how to use social media to tell a story that resonates with audiences. He discusses how to use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and a blog to build trust and credibility with potential members.

Chris Mead, Senior Vice President, American Chamber of Commerce (ACCE), said about the book, “Frank Kenny gives you the rocket without requiring you to learn rocket science. He helps make social media understandable and potentially profitable.”    

Steve Snyder, Vice President of the Western Association of Chamber Execs (W.A.C.E.) said, “Frank Kenny ‘hits a long ball’ when it comes to social media and how it can benefit your chamber.”

The new e-book, and many other social media resources, are available today for free at


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3 Hours with an Audience of 25 Million

Ian Scott on Tuesday, June 12, 2012 at 5:35:00 pm 

Tonight the Miami Heat take on the Oklahoma City Thunder in game one of the NBA finals.  In addition to swarms of national media, 22 international media teams are in Oklahoma City and they will be airing the game to over 200 countries around the globe. Total viewership is estimated at somewhere between 20 and 25 million. For at least 3 hours, those millions of viewers will not only see Kevin Durant and LeBron James battle in the post; thanks to the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber they’ll also see a lot of OKC.

The Chamber’s newly launched website OKC News Room is a journalist’s delight. They have complied video clips, photographs, interviews, fact sheets and sound bites – pages of material and full media packages - all available online.  The seven part series with Oklahoma City Mayor (and former sports broadcaster) Mick Cornett is a particular highlight.

As you watch tonight, look for images of the Oklahoma City skyline and video clips featuring new restaurants in Bricktown.  They were probably supplied by your friends at the Oklahoma City Chamber.

Want to learn more about this project and other cutting edge economic development marketing? Join Oklahoma City Chamber CEO Roy Williams and VP of Marketing and Communications Cynthia Reid as they lead the Innovative Community Marketing Strategies workshop at the ACCE Convention in Louisville, Aug 1-4.

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Partnership: Central N.Y. Chambers

Brad Holt on Friday, June 8, 2012 at 12:00:00 am 

The Syracuse Post-Standard reports that the chambers in Syracuse and Utica, N.Y., will offer members shared benefits under a partnership announced June 7 in both cities. The two chambers have worked together on several issues in recent years, said CenterState (Syracuse) President Rob Simpson. He said the partnership, called the CenterState Chamber Alliance, will strengthen those efforts. Sam F. Berardino III, chairman of the Mohawk Valley Chamber in Utica, said the partnership would allow members of the two organizations to share benefits, get better group-pricing discounts, network across the “super region” and advocate for business more effectively. CenterState has about 2,000 members while the Mohawk Chamber has 900. Beradino said the partnership was a break from the past. “Along the Erie Canal every lock was its own municipality, had its own chamber of commerce and its own provincial interests,” he said. “To be competitive globally, we need to stop being competitive locally.”

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