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Let's go golfing!

HERO Team / Sarah Myers on Monday, May 5, 2014 at 7:00:00 am 

It's that time of year - time to go get in a great game of golf, enjoy the summer weather, and, in the case of many chambers, accomplish more than just a game of golf and turn the game into a networking opportunity, a fundraiser, and a way to bring the community together. Find examples on our revised and expanded Golf Tournaments Chamberpedia page.

Many chambers of commerce run golf tournaments as a way to generate revenue and offer a fun networking event for both members and non-members. Below are links to resources related to planning golf tournaments and sample documents that chambers have used for registration and publicity. Want to know more about events at chambers? See stats on chamber events from the QuickPoll conducted June 2012 with 264 participants. 75% of responding chambers said they host an annual golf outing!


  • Golf Digest Planner is a quick and easy way to set up a golf event website - including online registration, payment processing, tools to market your event, sell sponsorships and attract players
  • free resources to help make your outing a success; including, a planner/checklist, and Microsoft Excel based budget, and a set of 5 standard letter templates, which can be easily modified for your tournament needs.
  • TournEase shares tips, ideas, advice and helpful information to make your tournament a success

A selection of chambers with Golf Tournaments:

Samples of documents chambers use to promote Golf Events:

Read a selection of articles on chamber golf events:

Does your chamber have a golf event or tournament? We'd like to hear about it and highlight your program or supporting samples on the Golf Tournaments page. Email us at to share.

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Chamber Events and Programs

HERO Team / Sarah Myers on Monday, April 28, 2014 at 7:00:00 am 

ACCE's Chamberpedia section on Events and Programs is being expanded. Here you will find numerous resources to address event planning and programming at your chamber.

Chamber event planners will find ACCE's chapter on Community Events to be helpful in gaining new awareness for successful programming options. This chapter comes from the ACCE Chamber Revenue Model Whitepaper (published December 2013).

Just getting started with event planning? Visit our new page on General Resources for Events and Programs to find online guides and resources, articles, books, whitepapers and research, and event planning samples.

Another good place to start is with the free event planning e-Book 14 Leys to Hosting Events Your Members Will Love (PDF), a guide for Association professionals from WebLink International (provider of Association Database Management Software and Chamber of Commerce Software for Member-Based Organizations).

Want to know how other chambers are handling events and to see what's most successful? See our Chamber Events QuickPoll - Provides stats on number and type of events, seasonal data, marketing events, attendance, and revenue from events from 264 poll participants, compiled June 2012.

Need a quick guide for event planning? See 15 Tips for Running Successful Community Events - From ACCE's whitepaper on Chamber Revenue Models, Events chapter.

Have a few minutes to read a great article? Check out EVENTS, by Katherine House, Chamber Executive magazine (Spring 2014). From community-wide local festivals to a caucus room on Capitol Hill, chambers are creative promoters and producers of profitable events.

To get specific, here are individual pages for specific types of events.



Event planners can bookmark these pages for resources to help get the job done. Or get the show on the road.



Chamberpedia pages like these are constantly updated. Have a program resource, sample, or event you'd like to share? Have a question or need help? Let us know. Email:

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Benchmarking and Evaluation Tools for Your Chamber

HERO team/Audrey Imhoff on Thursday, January 16, 2014 at 12:00:00 am 

Salary Survey

Are you looking for benchmarking information to use with your board, staff, and compensation committee?  ACCE has many great tools to help!  We just released a brand new PDF publication of our salary survey results for 2013-14.  This publication is for sale in the ACCE Store.  It includes salary information for 16 different positions and breaks down the data by total annual revenue, number of staff, number of members, and other measures.  If you are only looking for CEO salary information, we also have a CEO-only publication that contains this data.  The tables and graphs in both publications are easy-to-read and can be taken directly to your compensation committee for use in a meeting.  For more information about our salary survey, including information about how to get free, anonymous spreadsheets of data from the salary survey, go to our Salary Survey webpage.  

Evaluation Forms

Does your board want to do a self-evaluation, or do they need a form to evaluate the CEO?  We have examples of both that can be found through our Governance and Leadership Chamberpedia pages, under the Hiring and Assessing page.  See some examples here:

Operations Survey

Another valuable benchmarking tool is our annual Operations Survey.  The 2013-14 Operations Survey will be open for your participation from February 1st to March 1st, so stay tuned for more information in your email inbox and on our Operations Survey webpage.  

Please note - for ACCE's online resources, members will need to Log in with your username and password. (Forgot your password? Click here.) Have questions, need research assistance, or want to suggest a new link or contribute to our Samples? Please email us at

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Resources For Working With Boards

HERO Team / Sarah Myers on Friday, January 3, 2014 at 12:00:00 am 

Chambers commonly have questions about working with board members. Common questions include "How do I orient my new board members?" and "How do I manage conflicts of interest on my board?" or "How can I effectively work with my new board chair?" ACCE's HERO portal contains resources to address these questions and more!

Books in the ACCE Store:

ACCE University eCourse:

  • Chamber 101: Introducing the Work of Chambers of Commerce: In this foundational 8-part eCourse twelve chamber practitioners offer a broad stroke presentation that highlights the work of chambers. This online course is designed to both work in tandem with chamber staff and board orientation programming, while offering a flexibile training tool that can be incorporated into any chamber retreat, lunch-n-learn or training activity.

Chamberpedia pages:

Chamber Executive Magazine articles:

Samples – Board Management:

Other Resources:

Outside of ACCE, other valuable resources for working with boards are avaialble through They offer publications through their Learning Center. Some of their resources are free and some have a cost.


Please note - for ACCE's online resources, members will need to Log in with your username and password. (Forgot your password? Click here.) Have questions, need research assistance, or want to suggest a new link or contribute to our Samples? Please email us at



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Education Attainment Resources You Can Use 24/7

HERO Team/Sarah Myers on Thursday, December 19, 2013 at 12:00:00 am 

Be sure to read ACCE's Education Attainment Division's latest blog post on "Business-Friendly Tools Chambers Can Use to Support a College & Career-Ready Agenda" (12/13/2013).  This post highlights updated resources and tools you can use for education attainment, workforce readiness, and Common Core Standards for chambers and your members. If your chamber is doing any work in Education & Workforce Development, be sure to get connected to ACCE's Education Attainment Division in our Divisions & Groups. HERO content relies on your contributions. Have a Sample document, link, or resource to share with us? Email to contribute resources or ask us a question.

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Recommendations for Business Books and Speakers

HERO Team/Sarah Myers on Sunday, November 3, 2013 at 12:00:00 am 

In our Business Books and Recommended Speakers QuickPoll, we had 76 respondents who replied to the following 4 questions:

  • What are your favorite business reading topics?
  • In what format do you read your business books?
  • What three business books would you recommend?
  • Who is the best speaker you have heard in the last two years? 

QuickPoll results include:

  • 63% of respondents have read recently published business books in the past year.
  • Leadership, Management, Communication and Entrepreneurship were among the top reading topics.
  • 87% of respondents read traditional/printed books, 51% read ebooks, and 22% use audiobooks.

The fill-in portion of the poll to list the 'top 3 business books to recommend' generated over 100 titles and many of them are linked to our ACCE Store where you can purchase directly through Amazon. 

The other fill-in portion of the poll for listing 'best speaker heard in the last two years' generated over 60 names of presenters. These are results you can use to help plan your chamber's programs and events.

Does this QuickPoll include your favorite or highly preferred business book or speaker? If not, please leave a comment and tell us what titles and speakers you recommend. All feedback welcome!

Have questions? Need help? Email for assistance.


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Strategic Planning Resources at ACCE

HERO Team/ Sarah Myers on Tuesday, October 15, 2013 at 12:00:00 am 

Where do you go and what resources do you use for your chamber's strategic planning process? One place to turn and return to is ACCE's Strategic Planning Chamberpedia page from the HERO portal. We have put together a collection of resources on strategic planning and our page specifically address available Online Resources and Examples, working Samples of Strategic Plans from our members, Presentations from the ACCE 2013 Convention, and Articles from previous issues of ACCE's Chamber Executive magazine. Just want to get your feet wet? Check out the Strategic Planning Samples from the ACCE Samples Library.

Like all our Chamberpedia pages and in our Samples Library, we invite and welcome your contributions to help us continue to grow and expand on these valuable resources. Have a sample Strategic Plan or go-to resource you use at your chamber? Let us know by emailing or visit Ask ACCE to connect with more ACCE resources.

The HERO team can also prepare a customized Operations Survey PowerPoint presentation for your chamber. This presentation is great for planning purposes and provides a way to show your board or staff how your chamber compares to other chambers across the country. This PowerPoint presentation, customized with your chamber's logo, includes all of the charts and graphs from the 2012-2013 Operations Survey report. Your chamber's survey responses and calculated measures are plotted on each chart.  This is a visually appealing graphical representation of your chamber's membership statistics, financial indicators, and operating ratios relative to chambers across the country.  The presentation can be purchased anytime. Available now at ACCE's Bookstore.

Questions? Please email us at

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New Chamberpedia Page on Dues Models

HERO Team / Sarah Myers on Thursday, September 12, 2013 at 12:00:00 am 

From the Chamberpedia page on Membership Management, ACCE members can now access the new section on Dues Models and added two new topic pages for Tiered Dues and Fair Share Dues. The Dues Models page was previously called Membership Investment Management and the HERO Team recognized the need to expand this section to allow for new resources on Tiered Dues and Fair Share Dues. These new pages were developed in conjunction with the forthcoming Chamber Executive article (Fall 2013) on Tiered Dues, which references the samples we have highlighted on the Tiered Dues and Fair Share Dues pages.

By visiting these new Dues Models resources, you can access Sample Dues Schedules (for both Tiered Dues and Fair Share Dues) with numerous real-life dues examples (including membership applications and brochures, investment schedules, and links for online applications with member benefits) from chambers across the country. Additional resources include articles from Chamber Executive, Surveys and Research (including the Operations Survey and relevant QuickPolls), Books and e-Books, and Courses and Presentations, all that will augment your knowledge and awareness on dues models.

The Tiered Dues page also has supplemental resources with a Menu of Tiered Dues Benefits and a section on Explaining Tiered Dues to Members.

For questions, research assistance, or if you have a sample or web resource to contribute to these new pages or any of our other Chamberpedia pages, please email


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