"Why I love Long Beach"

Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 at 12:00:00 am 

The Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce team is excited to welcome you to their hometown next month for #ACCE19. Read their reasons for loving Long Beach and how you, too, will fall in love with Southern California's urban waterfront playground. It's not too late! Register today and join us in Long Beach!


"When I arrived in 1994, I quickly grew to love this seaside city. A city full of passionate business leaders who are not afraid to give back to their community. A city consisting of its own airport, seaport, health, gas and water departments. A city that our famous Mayor Beverly O’Neill referred as the three T’s: Trade; Technology; and Tourism. We are a first class visitor destination with top quality accommodations, award winning restaurants, unique shopping venues and must see attractions such as the Aquarium of the Pacific, world famous Queen Mary, and the largest road race in America, the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach. What is not to love about this wonderful city?"
              — Randy Gordon, President & CEO

Marilynn Singer

"What stands out most to me about Long Beach is its beautiful diversity. Whether it’s the people who reside in it, the array of culture we possess or the number of food options we have. Long Beach is a one of a kind community that I am blessed to be part of."
              —Marilynn Singer, Membership Coordinator

Ajmaa Heggie

"With great schools, outstanding parks and unmatched nature centers, Long Beach is the perfect place to raise a family. I love Long Beach because my family is never short on activities or ways to get involved within the community. From concerts in the park to attending a sporting event at California State University, everything you need is in Long Beach!" #GoBeach!
              —Ajmaa Heggie, Controller

Jeremy Harris

"The uniqueness that is Long Beach is found in our community-supported small businesses while still embracing a large corporate presence. A big city with a small town feel due to our diverse neighborhoods and business corridors – offering craft breweries, a robust local art scene, entertainment venues, and iconic views. I love Long Beach for all of these things and what’s yet to come!"
              — Jeremy Harris, Senior Vice President

Judy Nelson

"Long Beach is often overlooked by people visiting the Los Angeles area…overlooked until they decide to go to the beach, attend an event at the Convention Center or visit the Queen Mary. In the past few years Long Beach has completely transformed itself into a beautiful place to live, play, shop and work. It has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, welcoming people from all walks of life."
              — Judy Nelson, Vice President of Business Councils

"From festivals to farmer's markets, breweries to boutiques, museums and much more, Long Beach has activities for everyone to enjoy. It's a beautiful city with gorgeous views and a tight-knit community that's always looking to grow and develop. I'm proud to call Long Beach home!"
              — Amanda Donahue, Special Events Manager; Executive Assistant to the President/CEO

"Long Beach is truly an incredible place made up of many distinct individuals, as a result, the city offers something for everyone. Our community grows every day, not only stronger, but more diverse and exciting. For those just visiting, there is never a dull moment. For those who choose to live here, our people are warm and welcoming, with new opportunities available every day."
              — Christine Bos, Government Affairs Manager

"I have loved being a part of Long Beach's development over the past few years. We have a forward-thinking city that is ripe for new opportunities. The residents and business owners of the city are extremely diverse, unlike any other city I've ever seen. Also, you simply cannot beat this weather."
              — Tyler Habeck, Membership Manager

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Why ACCE's Convention is an Easy “Yes” For Me

Candace Boothby, CCE, APR, President & CEO, Newnan-Coweta Chamber of Commerce (Georgia) on Wednesday, June 5, 2019 at 12:00:00 am 

We all know chamber work is about deadlines and meetings. And, of course, one is always getting in the way of the other. So, I’ve made it a priority to only spend my time on things that positively contribute to my chamber’s success. 

Happily, the annual ACCE convention is an easy “yes” for me because I always take away great ideas, enthusiasm, and a warm feeling that I’ve spent my time well. I would say that if ACCE doesn’t produce a perfect annual convention, it’s pretty darn close every year. From the really cool convention app, to the amazing array of exhibitors, to the fabulous before, during and after parties, ACCE Convention delivers!

I am eagerly anticipating the upcoming #ACCE19 in Long Beach like a 10 year-old looks forward to Christmas! The ACCE team knows how to fill my professional head with exciting ideas in interesting and enjoyable formats. The presentations are clever, informative, and valuable to my chamber’s success. I learn a ton and am entertained doing it!

I especially look forward to the celebration of the annual winners – Chambers of the Year, Excellence in Communications and All-Star Sales.  I’ll never forget the magical moment our chamber was announced as a Chamber of the Year. Talk about surreal. It was in Montreal, and we had with us a large group of staff and volunteers. We celebrated like there’s no tomorrow! I love seeing the glowing faces of all the winners each year, which makes me think fondly of our moment in the sun.  

It’s hard to place a value on the opportunity to spend time with old friends and make new ones in a terrific venue like Long Beach.  We can’t help but talk shop, and I mean that in the most positive way. Successful chambers thrive on the exchange of experiences and methodologies that take place in communities throughout the country. There’s no better way to get your batteries recharged than spending time with other experts in the wonderful world of chambers!

So don’t make the mistake of thinking you could be doing something better by staying home. ACCE knows chambers and chamber execs and how to throw a great annual convention. You will leave Long Beach thankful for the productive use of your time and, who knows, you’ll probably get an idea for your next best program!  Looking forward to #ACCE19 and hope you are, too!

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Top Three Reasons to Attend ACCE’s Annual Conference

Henry Florsheim, President & CEO, Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce (Texas) on Thursday, May 23, 2019 at 12:00:00 am 

With so many demands on our time and our money, we have to constantly justify where we invest our resources. Having worked in the Chamber business for nine years and in economic development for nearly twenty, I’ve realized that ACCE’s annual gathering is my favorite conference of them all, for three reasons.

First, the speakers and programs are top-notch. ACCE does a good job each year tackling the most current and toughest issues we face as Chambers. Whether your biggest challenge is increasing dues revenue, building the right team or retaining the members you’ve got, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to improve your organization. On top of that, you just might catch Casey Steinbacher talking about how we create collisions, or learn Molly Fletcher’s inspirational story or hear the Des Moines chorus singing about how us Texas Chamber execs can’t stop waving our flags. I always return home with way more ideas than I can implement, and the hardest thing to do is to figure out what NOT to take on next.

Second, the peer networking with colleagues and friends from around the world is the best I’ve ever experienced. If you’ve been through Chamber Institute, WACE or any programs like those around the country, ACCE will feel like a reunion. In the months leading up to Long Beach, the emails and texts have begun to fly, with everyone comparing arrival times and planning the location of that first drink. My Chamber world is one big mostly-happy family, and I can’t wait to see everyone again.

Finally, the host communities always give a great lesson on how to develop a city, and Long Beach should be no exception. Savannah showed us how the historic and modern aspects of a city can thrive together.  Nashville was a non-stop music festival everywhere you went, intent on balancing history and down-home culture with nearly overwhelming growth.  And Des Moines was the biggest surprise of them all. Jay Byers and his team are doing some amazing things, and I’ve been looking for a reason to go back ever since. Maybe to get another Zombie Burger. 

Can somebody bring one to Long Beach?


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