15300 Commerce Drive North
Dearborn, MI 48120

EDSI Consulting, a Division of EDSI, was founded in 1979. With offices in eight states, EDSI Consulting provides management and organizational consulting services to organizations throughout the US. Headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, EDSI is a national workforce development, talent solutions and consulting company intertwined with one common thread: helping people and companies in transition. EDSI has grown to a network that employs more than 600 people across the country. EDSI's Talent Solutions Team specializes in providing organizations with support in 5 critical areas: Assessing, Attracting, Developing, Retaining and Sustaining talent. Their unique approach empowers organizations to develop and implement “better, smarter, faster” people strategies, positioning companies to align key business goals with talent.

Key services include:

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