GoChamber App

PO Box 003
Verona, PA 15147

GoChamber App is designed to offer Chambers of Commerce a branded mobile app that will serve as a digital and interactive resource for those who live in, shop in, work in and enjoy the communities that they serve. Each app is free for the public to download and includes features like members directories, coupons, turn-by-turn directions etc.  All of these features can be changed in real-time saving money and time. Our desire as a small business is to offer relevant marketing tools that get results for small business owners. Right now “Mobile“ is relevant… so much so that if you do not have a mobile marketing strategy in place it will make it very difficult for you to engage your audience. Our goal is to help your Chamber of Commerce get exposure for its members, traditional print and other media forms do not and cannot offer the reach that a mobile app can.

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