Holman Brothers Nonprofit Sales Solutions

9320 Chesapeake Drive
San Diego , CA 92123

Are you ready to grow your chamber’s bottom line?

Your chamber’s financial success is dependent on your sales team’s ability to consistently deliver results. Wondering what you can do to help them achieve their goals? We offer effective sales solutions that are tested and proven in the chamber industry, including:

Guided Selling System
Does your sales team implement clear-cut strategy to steadily recruit businesses that are more likely to retain?

Sales Productivity Check-Up
How satisfied are you that your current sales process will consistently deliver the results you need to advance your organizational mission?

Training & Development
Are your sales reps prepared to achieve your organization’s specific goals and objectives?

Performance Management
Are the tools, resources and strategy in place to coach, measure and drive peak sales performance?

Hiring, Onboarding & Termination
Is your chamber primed and ready to attract and retain the right salespeople and repel the wrong ones?

Sales Compensation
Do you have a win/win sales comp plan that motivates sales that are aligned with your strategic growth goals?

Contact us to begin implementing the right sales solutions that help your chamber reach its financial goals. | | (619) 852-1391

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