Lemonade Day

2855 Mangum Road
Houston, TX 77092

Lemonade Day is a community-wide educational program that provides youth with the opportunity to learn how to start, own and operate their first business…a lemonade stand. Youth are provided with free educational materials through the support of generous local sponsors. They are taught, with the help of a parent, teacher or mentor, how to set goals, create a product, prepare a budget, seek an investor, choose a location, design a marketing plan, and provide customer service. On Lemonade Day, the young entrepreneurs open for business in public locations throughout the city. They keep the money they earn and are encouraged to spend some, save some for the future, and share some by giving to a local charity of their choice.

For these young entrepreneurs, the experience of setting a goal, creating a business plan, executing their plan, and evaluating their results sparks an explosion of new confidence in their abilities, and for many, a new vision of possibilities for the future. The impact on the community is equally powerful as local businesses provide opportunities for start-up business loans and host stand locations, the Mayor and Health Department provide support with a Proclamation and selling permit waiver, media promotes Lemonade Day and the events leading up to it, and the town is painted yellow with stands all over the city.

Each franchised Lemonade Day city has a presenting organization that is known for bringing Lemonade Day to the city and who provides leadership for the program. Chamber license holders find value in the Lemonade Day program in many ways:

 • Lemonade Day fulfills the objective of the Chamber in growing and sustaining a strong community of businesses by cultivating a new generation of entrepreneurs with the ability to provide future new jobs and businesses to their city
 • Chamber awareness and value to the community are heightened as the Presenting Organization of Lemonade Day in their city
 • Youth are introduced to the Chamber at an early age…cultivating a new generation of future Chamber members
 • Chambers can prepare youth for the workforce through the valuable lessons they learn through Lemonade Day
 • Chambers can support local banks by teaching youth to save some of the money they earn
 • Chambers can support local non-profits by teaching youth to share some of the money they earn
 • Chambers can bring value to their members by providing them with the ability to be branded with the program through sponsorships and volunteerism
 • Chambers can attract new members who want to participate
 • Chambers can offer their communities an event that unites the entire city!

”I’ve been producing events for 30 years, and I’ve never before seen an event with the power to connect and unite a community like Lemonade Day. Our local sponsors, schools, non-profits and businesses partnered in a way that was unique to this program, which truly made an impact on the lives of youth all across our city. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that we said yes to Lemonade Day in our city, which has been recognized for excellence by the Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives and the American Chamber of Commerce Executives.”

                                                - Gina Spagnola, IOM, President of the Galveston, TX Chamber of Commerce

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