74 Temple Avenue
Riverhead, NY 11901

MedjetAssist is the premier air medical transport membership program for travelers in the U.S. A Medjet membership is your most reliable and affordable path back to the care of the doctors you trust, where your family members are with you, by your side, in your home hospital. If you are hospitalized 150 mile or more from home, Medjet will arrange medical repatriation and air medical transport all the way back to your home country hospital of choice, regardless of medical necessity, and no at cost besides your initial membership fee. Medjet protection is valid for both domestic and international travel.

And further take the risk out of travel risk management with MedjetHorizon, a comprehensive program of health, safety and crisis response benefits, including ground ambulance transfer, specialty hospital transfer, personal travel advisories and medical emergency cash advance. An exclusive upgrade for Medjet members.

Available to all ACCE members. Contact Lawrence McGuinness for additional information.   

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