221 Fairforest Way, #32206
Greenville, SC 29607

The Membership180 platform is a Triple Bottom Line: Recruitment, Engagement and Retention! They partner with chambers on membership campaigns focused on long-term, sustainable growth as opposed to just a fundraiser. Their services are customized to fit chambers of ANY size. Membership180 is ready to "turn" your chamber in a new direction!


"We hired Membership180 for our first campaign in 12 years. Our expectations were exceeded at every turn. We knew we would end up with new members, but we were really pleasantly surprised by the more energized and committed board, a more knowledgeable volunteer base, improved visibility in the community and a staff re-focused on providing the most value possible and keeping members engaged. This really felt like a major step in the right direction and not just a short term numbers fix!! Thanks Jay & Annette!!"

Sharon Rosche, IOM
Union County (NC) Chamber of Commerce

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