National Community Development Services

3155 Roswell Rd. Ste. 230
Atlanta, GA 30324

Simply stated, we secure the resources that community and economic development organiza-tions need to fulfill their missions, increase impact and value, and make their communities better places to live, work and raise families. Aggressive, innovative programs to create jobs, diversify the local economy, develop the workforce or establish regional partnerships require infusions of capital, as well as commitment and support from key leaders and stakeholders.

Projects to improve infrastructure, create or expand cultural, recrea-tional and other quality of life assets, or construct buildings to accommodate organizational growth also require new and increased financial support. When membership dues and other sources of operating income cannot fund these critical programs and projects, NCDS can help. We specialize in managing campaigns that bring ideas, vision and strategic plans to life. We excel at gaining buy-in and ownership of your program or project by those with the requisite capacity to lead, influence, and invest, and at positioning your organization for maximum support from a broad constituency of sources.

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