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New Boston Creative Group, LLC, serves chambers of commerce as integrated marketing, branding, and market research consultants. The agency provides creative services — branding, websites, video, digital marketing — and performs independent audits of community, chamber, economic development or tourism marketing materials.  

In 2017, New Boston Creative Group, LLC, is conducting a national research study about volunteering, community leadership, and chamber of commerce membership.

The project’s goal will be to recommend specifically what chambers can do better to recruit and inspire people to lead their organizations and communities. Data analysis will look specifically at Generation X, to see if this age group responds differently than older and younger participants. 

The study includes two national surveys — one about volunteering and community engagement for business professionals and one for chamber executives.

We encourage chambers across the nation to become project partners, which takes very little time and no financial investment. Chambers simply:

  1. Send an email to their members encouraging them to take the survey. Sample content for this email will be provided.
  2. Share the survey on your social media feeds. Sample posts and a video that can be shared through your feeds will be provided.
  3. Send a reminder email 10 days later to thank your members who have already taken it, and encourage others to do so if they haven’t. Sample content will be provided.
  4. Take the companion survey for chamber of commerce executives, which dives into your membership demographics, board demographics, and programming. (20-30 minutes to complete)

Participating chambers will be recognized for their contributions in the final report and will receive a free copy of the final data in early 2018. Sign up at

If your chamber chooses not to become a project partner, please still consider filling out the chamber executives survey, so your data can inform the research. Questions about the survey can be sent to Kristin Brighton at

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