Opportunity Funding, LLC

1032 SW Dartmoor Ln.
Topeka, KS 66604

Opportunity Funding's primary function is to raise funds exclusively for community and economic development organizations, chambers of commerce, museums, arts, theaters, hospitals, community, and technical colleges.  Secondarily, Opportunity Funding provides strategic planning, economic development planning and organizational development.

"We welcome you on behalf of Opportunity Funding LLC. We believe our customized services will guide your organization through the delicate process of defining what your stakeholders expect; putting the plan in place; and securing the increased capital resources to fuel that vision.  We have over achieved in communities where others have failed.  We know that our success is defined by your success.  We look forward to helping you and your organization.” – Jerry Hinson, Founder and Principal, Opportunity Funding, LLC. Direct email

As a prior chairman of ACCE, and working as a chamber CEO for 35 years, I have “been in your shoes” and understand the challenges and opportunities for your success. Our systems are uniquely designed to maximize the amount of resources you can raise and to arm your organization with the right strategic plan based upon one on one interviews with your key stakeholders. If you speak to our prior clients you will understand why they keep coming back to Opportunity Funding.”  – Doug Kinsinger – Principal, Opportunity Funding, LLC. Direct email 


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