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Co-Working: What Does It Mean for Chamber Membership?

Have you seen a rise in co-working in your community as we have in Kansas City? The number of co-working locations has doubled nationally in the past three years and is forecasted to triple by 2020. This is a trend that chambers should be watching closely. Check out this recent blog post to learn more:

In the Greater Kansas City Chamber, we have welcomed this trend with open arms. We have placed the owner/creator of Plexpod, a Kansas City-based national co-working leader, in a key chamber leadership role. We have also produced joint programming and shared physical space with our co-working partners. All of these actions have been motivated by an effort to co-exist and complement our entrepreneurial eco-system, not compete with it.

What is your chamber doing to wrap your arms around this new way of working? Let’s continue this conversation online at the ACCE Membership Development and Sales LinkedIn group.

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David Pruente
Vice President, Membership, Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce

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