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Is it Time to Re-Think Your Chamber Revenue Model?

Five years ago, our Chamber made the switch from a fair share to tiered dues revenue model. Initially, we enjoyed increased revenues and a positive response from prospective members, as we offered choice and bundling of services. Although sales have been stable over the past two years, we are not seeing the growth we once did. Members choose to upsize and downsize membership levels as per their needs, and we are replacing members are we lose them – so little net growth.

We are now planning another iteration of our revenue model in which entry-level membership costs would be lower, and customized, a la carte options to suit individual member needs would be offered. We anticipate that this new structure will remove perceived membership cost barriers and provide opportunities for multi-year commitments, custom conversations about value, and just-in-time solutions required for individual member businesses. The sales team will work with each member to determine the products or services meeting the member’s needs and budget, including event sponsorships, professional development, advertising, networking opportunities or others.

 The transition to this program will take approximately 18 months, since our plans are to approach our top investors first and work our way through the membership before offering inexpensive memberships publicly. We learned from our transition to tiers that we cannot switch revenue models overnight, and we must bring members along on the journey. We anticipate that our new client-centric structure will align the sales team by taking an account management approach for all services, simplify our commission structure, increase membership numbers, and grow overall chamber revenue.

How is your revenue model working? What is your chamber doing to refresh it? Let’s continue this conversation at our next MDD roundtable call on Tuesday, May 15 at 12:30 pm ET. Call-in information is available on the ACCE website. Hope you can join us!

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Rebecca Wood
Director of Member Services, Calgary Chamber

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