Dear ACCE Membership Development Division members,

Good morning! Below please find some sales and membership development information that you may find useful.

Message from our MDD Advisory Board

It’s Budget Time – Are You Ready?

As we move into the fourth quarter of the year, most chambers are refining and approving budgets for next year. So are our members! How can we help them and ensure that the chamber is a line item with a big return? By asking questions! Here are a few good ones:

And here are some more ways to make sure your members remember the value of their chamber members at budget time:

Every member needs a timeline and marketing plan for their membership. Supply your members with suggestions, templates, and outlines for their participation that create momentum and excitement. Help your members reach their vision and they will help you reach yours!

Best wishes,

Kelly Fanelli

Membership Director, Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches

Upcoming events:

MDD Roundtable on mission-based sales. Join your Membership Development peers for our quarterly peer-to-peer roundtable call on Tuesday, December 6, 2017, at 12:30 pm. The call will be moderated by David Pruente, Vice President, Membership, of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce. David will lead a discussion on how to leverage your chamber’s mission to help you close the deal. No pre-registration is necessary; more information about the call is here.

Sales Conference 2018 - hot off the presses! The 2018 Sales Conference will be held in historic Charleston, South Carolina, on March 13-14, 2018. We will be seeking dynamic, interactive presentations for this conference aimed at new and seasoned sales and membership professionals. Interested in presenting? Submit a response to our Call for Speakers by December 22, 2017. More information about the conference will be available in the coming weeks - check our Event page!

What’s next? We would love your feedback on topics for our 2018 training sessions: convention, sales training, and webinars. Click here to participate in a short survey that will help us plan. The survey will close on December 22. Thanks in advance for your help!

News and resources:

2017-2018 Sales Contest. We are nearing the end of the second quarter of our 2017-2018 Sales Contest! Current standings are here.

The deadline to submit Quarter 2 sales is December 8, 2017. You can submit your numbers using this link. The remaining sales contest deadlines are below:

If you haven’t joined the sales contest yet, it’s not too late! Our Sales Contest page has details.

And here’s what one of your peers, David Pruente of the Greater Kansas City Chamber, says about the benefits of participating:

“I am starting my 14th year as a membership professional, and ACCE’s professional development offerings have truly shaped my career. When I was just in my second week out of college and brand-new to the chamber world, I was sent to an ACCE membership training in Nashville. That experience kick-started my career and showed me how rewarding a career in membership sales could be.

Since then, I have been fortunate to attend most ACCE conventions and many sales conferences, and I have been a steady participant in the sales contest. I loved the rankings and couldn’t wait to see where I stacked up! The potential of winning an award in front of my peers was nice, but for me the real value was benchmarking against other respected members of the profession.

I was awarded the ACCE Lifetime Sales Achievement Silver Award in 2012 and the Gold Award in 2014. I still display both awards proudly in my office! Being an award winner helped me gain visibility and appreciation from our chamber president and board of directors. It also gave me the opportunity to contribute to ACCE publications and programs aimed at help other membership professionals meet their own sales and career goals. Through these opportunities, I leveraged 10+ years of sales into a dream job: Vice President of Membership for the Greater Kansas City Chamber. I owe a great deal of my success to ACCE, and specifically to the annual sales contest.

Now, as the leader of the Kansas City Chamber’s membership efforts, I invest in our membership team by making sure they are involved both in the ACCE sales training and the sales contest. Both opportunities have proved invaluable for my team. In my opinion, every chamber membership professional, in organizations large AND small, should participate in these programs.

Good luck, and keep up the great sales everyone!”

Membership webinars. Not able to join our fall webinars on Communicating your Chamber’s Value and Customer Care: The Key to Retention Success? No worries! Click on our webinar page to find the webinar recordings and presentation slides. And head to our ACCE blog for more from Shari Pash, Founder, Strategic Solutions for Growth, on communicating value.

#ACCE17 recordings now streaming. For recordings of 2017 Convention sessions, peruse our ACCE University course catalog. Session tracks and selected individual sessions are available at great prices and are complimentary for Horizons Initiative and ACCE All-ACCEss pass members. Get the 60 Membership Ideas and 60 Sponsorship Ideas sessions (and session notes) for 5 bucks apiece!

Feedback needed on journey mapping. A customer/member journey map is a model or illustration of a customer's experiences with an organization's products or services. Has your chamber used this method of tracking and improving member engagement? If so, please contact Susan or our HERO staff. We are putting together educational resources on this topic and would love your feedback.

All the best,

ACCE’s Membership Development Division