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Sales Prospecting – Some Tools to Try

Cold calls, networking events, emails, meetings – these are all sales activities that are part of prospecting. But how do you find that lead? Have you purchased a list of businesses for your team to call upon? Do you have an ambassador committee that facilitates warm connections? Is your board required to make calls to their networks to make the ask?

Here in Calgary, we wanted to find a more effective method to capitalize on warm leads. And since at the heart of chambers are the relationships and connections members make, we also know we’ll have more success in closing memberships when we’ve had an introduction from a member. 

Enter SalesNavigator. A LinkedIn add-on, SalesNavigator increases opportunities to generate and track leads and reduces the restrictions involved in asking for introductions through InMails. It also expands your network, since you can view how network members are connected to your prospect or your prospect’s organization. We are in the third year of using this tool and to date have closed over $20,000 in new membership sales as a direct result. Our engagement team has also used it to to track down contacts when memberships are overdue and keep our databases current. As a result, our team has an above average social selling index score, building credibility for future connections.

We’ve also liked LinkedIn’s new PointDrive presentation tool, which can be used to send presentation links including video, website screen shots, and PDFs. The tool also provides tracking analytics that notify the sender when a prospect views the file. I am not a fan of using brochures in a sales meeting, as they tend to pull focus away from a prospect’s specific needs and emphasize solutions that may or may not be applicable to their situation. PointDrive allows us to tailor our presentations to individual prospects using a variety of engaging visuals.

Click the links for more information on Sales Navigator and PointDrive.

What tools do you provide to support the membership sales team? Let’s continue this conversation online at the ACCE Membership Development and Sales LinkedIn group.

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Rebecca Wood
Director of Member Services, Calgary Chamber
ACCE Membership Development Division Advisory Board
Chair, Education Committee

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