Government Affairs Division

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The success of any chamber depends heavily on the effectiveness of its government relations and political programs at the state and local levels. The ACCE Government Relations Division enhances the professional and technical expertise of chamber of commerce professionals charged with the government relations responsibility. Division participants share perspectives of what issues are on the horizon.

  • Constructing the government relations framework.
  • Lobbying techniques and strategies for addressing the issues.
  • Development and management of grassroots initiatives and lobbying efforts.
  • Relationship building with federal, state and local officials.
  • Communications of policy issues to the chamber constituencies and maximization of the effectiveness of the chamber membership.
  • Public opinion polls and research methods of public policy effects on local economy.


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To inquire about the Government Relations Division, contact Hannah Nequist at or call (703) 998-3521 with your question. You can also update your profile status online to receive Division communications.