Frequently Asked Questions

To support your interest in participating in an ACCE University ONLINE course, we have compiled answers to the following Frequently Asked Questions. For additional information on ACCE U. or should you have any further questions, please contact Susan McGuire, Manager of Professional Development & Programs at or call directly at 703.998.3572.

Course Suggestions

Is there a course that you would like see offered? Have a course that you would like to bring to ACCE University ONLINE? Have topic and/or presenter that you would like me to follow up with regarding potentially putting together a course for ACCE University ONLINE? If you said yes, Let ACCE know! Call 703.998.3572 or email

Submit your question to AskACCE and expect a response in 24-48 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ACCE University ONLINE?

ACCE University ONLINE is your one-stop, online, eLearning source for your chamber's professional development needs. Utilizing the latest in eLearning technology, ACCE University ONLINE delivers interactive streaming video and audio programming on chamber related topics that are developed by chamber professionals for chamber professionals.

What is eLearning?

eLearning is a virtual learning experience that engages the learner by electronic device; computer, phone, tablet via the Internet, intranet/extranet, audio or video tape, satellite TV, and CD-ROM with the intent to transfer skills and knowledge.  eLearning can be self-paced or instructor-led.

What are the benefits of online elearning courses offered through ACCE University ONLINE?

  • No travel cost
    Significant time and money can be saved by not having the expense of a hotel, meals and lost productivity of an employee’s time.
  • Convenience of anytime, anywhere training
    ACCE members can access eCourses at home or office, day or night and learn about topics related to chamber basics, key issues and true best practices, when it's convenient for you. No wasted commuting time, no scheduling conflicts and no missed classes. To access your eCourses, all you will need is a computer with an internet connection, internet browser, Adobe Reader 9.0 or higher and Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or higher.
  • Self-paced lessons
    ACCE members move through the e-learning courses at their own pace. A quiz at the end of each module reinforces the student’s knowledge of the subject matter. ACCE U e-learning system allows chamber members to exit and return to the course at any time, picking up from where you left off.
  • Easy to use
    Our E-learning courseware is very user-friendly and is designed to keep the attention of our members through the use of streaming video and audio, synched text timed to video/audio presntations, charts, graphs, and related attached documents that you can download from your computer that have been provided by the course instructor.
  • Wide variety of courses available
    ACCE members registering for e-learning courses will have a menu of courses from which to choose. eCourse programming will highlight course topics on key issues, true best practices, leadership and staff development. We are constantly adding and updating programming to reflect changing industry needs.
  • Interaction with instructor and other students
    All our eCourses allow participants to ask questions of the faculty through a quick response e-mail system.
  • Automated course tracking
    Automated tracking of chamber purchases of our online eCourses is easy to access and manage. Information is readily available to the cahmber and customized reports can be created for printout.
  • No Hassle Implementation
    Your job is easier with no hardware or software to install, and no programming experience is required!
  • Competitive Advantages
    Well-trained employees are more confident, better problem-solvers and more capable of satisfying customers thereby increasing your profitability
  • World Class Online Training Courses
    ACCE University ONLINE will help you deliver the best online content to your most important asset - your chamber staff. All programming is developed by chamber professionals for chamber professionals, so you know what you are learning is coming from industry experts who understand the chamber business and can provide relevant content suited to your business needs.

How do I purchase and/or access my new eCourse from ACCE University ONLINE?

Steps to purchase and access your course on Chamber Essentials on Certificates of Origin:
1.       Access ACCE home page at

2.       Select “Log in” and enter your username and password to access your “My ACCE” account:

3.       From “Programs,” scroll down to “ACCE University Online” and select “Course Catalog”:

4.       Select the “Purchase” toggle:

5.       Select “Add to cart”:

6.       Select “Check Out and Pay”:

7.       Confirm your personal information and select “PDF (electronic) document or link to resource ($0.00)

8.       Confirm product(s) to be purchased and select “Checkout”:
9.       Choose “Payment Type,” provide your credit card number and security code and click on “Submit Payment” to complete your purchase:

10.   Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of your first eCourse from ACCE University ONLINE. You will receive a receipt that will be sent to your inbox.

11.   To access your course, go back to your home page and select “Update My Info”:

12.   Select "Online Products Purchased by Your Employer":

13.   Click on “Certificates of Origin e-Course” to launch the course:

14.   Select the module of your choice, to pick up from where you left off.

15.   You did it! PLEASE call me anytime with any questions regarding your course. My direct line is 703.998.3536

Thank you for participating in our online learning and please let us know what you think!

What is the difference between a webinar and an online course?

A webinar an online seminar, typically delivered live (synchronous) to a virtual audiance. Participatants view an online instructor directed PowerPoint presentation, which typically is recorded and posted for future access. eCourses through ACCE University ONLINE are streaming interactive video and audio content that is pre-recorded and produced, highlighting industry experts on various chamber topics, delivering self-paced online eLearning programming that is available 24/7 - when you want it.

Is there an instructor available to answer questions?

Yes. All our courses are developed and delivered by industry professionals that you can access directly via email to answer your course related questions. You can email directly to the course instructor and/or the Dean by selecting "Contact" under the instructor's picture on your eCourse platform to initiate an email communication.

How do I purchase an online eCourse for myself and my chamber?

From our website simply access the ACCE Store within the Information Office to first select the eCourse that you wish to purchase for you and your chamber. Add your favorite eCourse to your cart and follow the fullfillment prompts.  You will be required to sign in as a member to complete the purchasing process and to receive the link to your eCourse.

Once I purchase an online course, how long will my chamber have access to it?

Once you purchase your ACCE University ONLINE eCourse, you will have unlimited access for you and your chamber staff for up to 12 months. After 12 months you can simply repurchase the course for your chamber's staff, accessing relevant content around chamber business issues, learning at your own pace and accessing it any time, when you want it!

What does an e-learning course through ACCE Univeristy ONLINE cost?

Online eCourses range in price from $19.00 to $195.00 per course, per chamber. Once an eCourse is purchased from ACCE, the selected programming is accessible to all your chamber staff for up to 12 months.

I just purchased an online course, now what do I do?

Congratulations! You and your chamber staff now have unlimited access to the course for 12 months, providing unlimited learning and sharing of industry rich content. 

Now that you have purchased your eCourse from ACCE University Online, you will receive an email confirmation, which will include a link to your course. By selecting this link it will automatically launch the course for your viewing. Save this link to your favorites and share it with your chamber staff.

To access your course, go back to your home page and select “Update My Info."

1. Logon to ACCE before accessing your new course.

2.   Select "Online Products Purchased by Your Employer"

3.   Click on “Certificates of Origin e-Course” to launch the course:

4.   Select the module of your choice, to pick up from where you left off.

5.   You did it - Congratulations!

For questions, please contact John Carlson, Dean, ACCE University ONLINE at or call directly at 703-998-3536

When does a class start and end?

The class starts for you when you purchase the course. You can enroll, purchase and access any one of our online eCourses day or night. Courses are self-paced, accessing the content at your pace, easilty being able to come back to pick up where you left off.  As long as you have the link to your course, you can access your course from anywhere; at home, at the office, and while you are out on the road from your laptop - 24 hours a day.

What are the system requirements for accessing an online course?

To view our eLearning programming, your will need the following system requirements:

  • Internet Explorer 8 or 9
  • Firefox 3.x or later
  • Safari 4 or later
  • Adobe® Reader® 9 or later for viewing PDF files
  • Adobe Flash® Player 9 or later for viewing multimedia content

Download or update your free versions of either Adobe Reader or Adobe Flash Player

If I have a question about the course who do I contact?

For any course related questions contact John Carlson at or call 703-998-3536.
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