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Political and Social Fragmentation

Splintering in politics and society is felt at the local level, not just in DC and statehouses. Trend is unlikely to reverse, but chambers have an opportunity in the “sane center.”

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The Big Sort; Bill Bishop

“A Polarized America Lives as It Votes”; Charles Babington, Chamber Executive Magazine, Fall 2014

“The Business of Advocacy”; Mick Fleming, Chamber Executive Magazine, Spring 2016

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Have you staked a claim as the “voice of reason” or “sensible adult” in policy conversations in your community? To build credibility and influence, most chambers have to reach beyond existing capacity and become “smarter than we are.” Consider these strategies:

Ask Yourself


Has your organization implemented new ideas inspired by the Horizon Initiative? Email notes about your innovation to Horizon@ACCE.org to share with the chamber industry. Be sure to include links.

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