Global Impacts

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Global Impacts

Exports will drive growth. The world will come to your door. Strong places will still matter to global companies. Small-medium companies need exposure and connections to global opportunities.

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Global Cities Initiative: A Joint Project of Brookings and JPMorgan Chase

  • Research and resources to help leaders in U.S. metropolitan areas reorient their economies toward greater engagement in world markets.

International Trade Administration; U.S. Department of Commerce

  • A wealth of data about trade and info on federal programs to support exports.
Ask Yourself


  • What perceived scarcities in your region can be repositioned to highlight a related abundance? – e.g. shortage of developable greenfield space creates “natural” drive for infill development and walkable living.
  • Since people and talent are the new inventory for economic development and investment decisions, what aspects of your workforce and talent pool are abundant, but largely unidentified or misunderstood.
Ask Yourself


Has your organization implemented new ideas inspired by the Horizon Initiative? Email notes about your innovation to to share with the chamber industry. Be sure to include links.