Resource Alignment

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Resource Alignment

In the search for revenue beyond the rate card, chambers must tie money to the mission. Supporters will want progress more than engagement.

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Revenue Models: An examination of income trends for chambers of commerce – ACCE Publication, released December 2013

  • Fresh analysis and data about dues structures, community events, affinity programs, CVBs, economic development funding, policy revenue, and total resource campaigns
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  • How do your mission-supporting investors - those who contribute “above the rate card” through campaign support, sponsorships or elite memberships - measure return on investment?
  • Do you track and report on metrics that reflect your investors ROI expectations?
  • Depending on the member, a $400 dues payment may very well be an investment in your mission. How could you better recognize the commitment to community and organization success such smaller members are making?
Ask Yourself


Has your organization implemented new ideas inspired by the Horizon Initiative? Email notes about your innovation to to share with the chamber industry. Be sure to include links.