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VisitTulsa celebrates its three-year capital campaign - Tulsa Regional Chamber

VisitTulsa celebrated its three­-year capital campaign program, VisitTulsa 1.0, and the $1 billion economic impact it has had on the city and region since 2011.

Organization: Tulsa Regional Chamber

Asheville 5x5 Case for Support Draft - Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce

Asheville 5X5 is a five-year, $3.5 million action agenda and public/private sector operating capital campaign to generate approximately 5,000 total new jobs and to increase employment in Buncombe County and surrounding areas of Asheville, North Carolina.  This document contains a summary of the plan; goals and projected impact; definitions of areas of opportunity; action agenda/cluster strategies; governance & accountability; and a call to action.

Organization: Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce

Asheville 5x5 Economic Strategic Plan

The Asheville Chamber’s AVL 5x5 economic strategy focuses community resources on five-clusters with the ambitious goal to create $500 million dollars in capital investment and 5,000 jobs within a five-year period. Historically, their capital investment high water mark was only $94 million in a year. This plan aligned both the economic development and public policy resources and has acted as a community rallying point for all members to pull in the same direction.

Organization: Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce

The Leader in Me - Bowling Green

The Leader in Me prepares the future workforce by teaching children about leadership, accountability and teamwork - all integral skills for talent development. This initiative integrates Dr. Stephen Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People into the schools' existing curriculum. 

Organization: Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce

North Myrtle Beach: Building Prosperity for Future Generations

This promotional piece announces the chamber's five-year sustainable growth and prosperity initiative for North Myrtle Beach, and includes a pledge form.

Organization: North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce & CVB

Prosper Omaha 2014-2018: Leveraging Extraordinary Opportunities for the Region

The Greater Omaha Chamber’s Prosper Omaha initiative is a bold, new campaign aimed at ensuring prosperity not just for some – but for all. It continues a tradition of focused, economic development activity that companies, foundations and individuals have been investing in for nearly 20 years. First, there was Target Omaha, then GO! – and now, there is Prosper Omaha. Over the next five years, Prosper Omaha will drive growth of the region’s strong, diverse economy and ensure prosperity for all by:

  • Continuing to increase business and jobs in the region, but with a more aggressive and focused effort. 
  • Taking a determined approach to building Omaha’s worldwide brand and image.
  • Improving the competitiveness of the Nebraska and Greater Omaha business climate.
  • Creating a dynamic talent development strategy that satisfies a diverse employer base.

The goal of Prosper Omaha is to raise $23 million from approximately 300 investors to accomplish these objectives.

Organization: Greater Omaha Economic Development Partnership

2012 Tulsas Future Annual Report and 2013 Outlook

Tulsa’s Future is building a unique, high-performance regional economy by mobilizing private-sector leadership and public partnerships, and 140 public and private sector regional partners support the Tulsa Regional Chamber’s economic development efforts through the Tulsa’s Future initiative. This Annual Report and Outlook defines Tulsa's Future initiative with goals to continue to strengthen the regional economy while enhancing residents’ quality of life.  The five-year goal of Tulsa’s Future (2011-2015) is to create 10,000 primary, high-value jobs with annual salaries of $50,000 or greater. The plan also has a goal to generate a capital investment of $1 billion.

Organization: Tulsa Regional Chamber

Tulsa's Future Campaign Communications

2012 ACE: Gold

Tulsa’s Future is the Tulsa Metro Chamber’s comprehensive, regional economic development plan with a five-year goal to create high-value jobs and generate capital investment. A campaign was initiated in late 2010 to fund the second five-year phase of the ongoing plan. The objective for communications was to assist the development team in increasing the number of investors and to raise $12.5 million. Communications strategies and vehicles for the campaign included collateral materials, solicitation letters, presentation scripts and materials, and a press conference / annual meeting. The communications plan assisted in surpassing both the financial and investor goals, with 126 investors totaling $16.2 million.

Organization: Tulsa Metro Chamber

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