2017 Convention Catalytic Leadership and Global Impact Track Pack (8 Sessions)

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Captured live from the 2017 ACCE Annual Convention in Nashville. Duration: 7 hours, 47 minutes. Sessions include: Catalytic Leaders for the Chamber of Tomorrow; Leaders as Facilitators; Doing Good is Good for Chambers; Proven Strategies for New CEOs; Women in Leadership; Mission: Chamber of the Future; Certificates of Origin: The Latest Trends; and Hello World, Meet Brooklyn.

Cost: $49.00
Pricing is for 1 year of unlimited access for all your chamber staff. Catalytic Leadership and Global Impact Track Pack includes:


Catalytic Leaders for the Chamber of Tomorrow

Presented by:  Adam Legge, President & CEO, Calgary Chamber; Scott Crockatt, Director of Marketing and Communications, Calgary Chamber (Alberta); Aaron Kroontje, Director of Digital and Technology, Calgary Chamber; Rebecca Wood, Director of Member Services, Calgary Chamber

Join us for a fast-paced spin through four different chamber projects focused on one goal: creating the chamber of the future. Using the energetic (and often hilarious) “disrupt” presentation style, the Calgary Chamber's leadership team will present short lessons on topics spanning total chamber transformation, digital platforms, killing networking events, member value exploration, and more while highlighting the successes, failures, and lessons learned. Horizon Initiative concepts will be applied to real-world chamber challenges. 


Doing Good is Good for Business
Presented by:  Beth Krueger, Director of Austin Gives, a program of the Austin Chamber (Texas); Carlin Smith, President, Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce (Mich.)


Business is the quiet engine fueling success by sharing talents, intellectual capital and resources to move communities forward. Hear how the Austin Chamber's Austin Gives™ program, and the Petoskey Regional Chamber’s “Thriving Petoskey” are helping their members engage in positive business practices that are strengthening their respective communities while growing business at the same time. Discover how doing good is good for business!


Hello, World. Meet Brooklyn
Presented by:  Andrew Hoan, President & CEO, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce


“Brooklyn” has morphed itself into a brand recognized worldwide. The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce has several initiatives—from Brooklyn-made certification to tradeshows that attract national and international buyers—designed to connect Brooklyn businesses to global opportunities. Learn more about these programs, why they are considered innovative and the impact they have had.


Leaders as Facilitators
Presented by: David Adkisson, CCE, President & CEO, Kentucky Chamber of Commerce


Be inspired to think bigger and reach farther when you take on the role of lead facilitator to bring bold ideas to your chamber and the community. Discover how by being the catalyst for convening consultants, town hall meetings, brainstorming sessions, peer-to-peer networks and other similar meetings can bring ideas and expertise to the table to launch opportunities for your community. Audio only (no slides).


Mission: Chamber of the Future
Presented by: Rebecca Ryan, Founder, NEXT Generation Consulting, Inc.


Futurist and economist Rebecca Ryan propels you forward in time for a fascinating survey of what chambers, businesses, and communities will be in 2037. This interactive session will guide you into seeing 20 years into the future and have you considering these questions: What do chambers need to monitor right now, because of their impact on communities and businesses? Why do chambers exist and how do we modernize them for generations beyond Baby Boomers?


Proven Strategies for New CEOs
Presented by: Todd Murphy, President, Jefferson Chamber of Commerce (La.)


This session, designed for executive directors hired within the past two years, will focus on proven steps to turn a chamber around or move it to the next level of relevance. Learn how to set board expectations, overcome long-term issues with staff and volunteers, jumpstart membership growth and develop other revenue sources, all while maintaining your chamber’s mission.


Women in Leadership
Presented by: Casey Steinbacher, Casey's Company and ACCE Life Member (Moderator); Hala Moddelmog, President & CEO, Metro Atlanta Chamber; Tallia Hart, President & CEO, San Francisco Chamber of Commerce; Janet Riopel, President & CEO, Edmonton Chamber of Commerce (Panelists)


Join us for an inspiring discussion to gain insight from women leading some of the nation’s largest chambers. Learn from their stories, career paths, successes, and challenges as women in the industry. Audio only (no slides).


Certificates of Origin: The Latest Trends
Presented by: Carmen Rossi, President, eCertify Pty Ltd (Moderator); Kristin Gochenour, Assistant to the President, Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce (Neb.); Justin Simmons, Vice President and Chief of Staff, Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce (Panelists)

Chambers have done their part to clean up practices in certificates of origin. Compared with just five years ago, the average chamber is now less likely to lend or rent its stamp and more likely to check that its processes comply with international practice. Companies are more inclined to pay for this degree of legitimacy. A panel of experts will describe the prospects for the growth of certificates of origin as a source of non-dues revenue and as a means of hard-wiring chambers into correctly documented international trade activity.



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