2017 Convention Population Shift and Political & Social Fragmentation Track Pack (5 Sessions)

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Captured live from the 2017 ACCE Annual Convention in Nashville. Duration: 5 hours, 19 minutes. Sessions include: Onward, From Pale, Male and Stale; Tomorrow's Civic Leaders; Intentionally Inclusive; Stand Together for Prosperity and Against Discrimination; and High-Profile Issues, High-Profile Leadership.

Cost: $49.00
Pricing is for 1 year of unlimited access for all your chamber staff. Catalytic Leadership and Global Impact Track Pack includes:


High-Profile Issues, High-Profile Leadership
Presented by: Joe Murphy, Senior VP, Government Relations and Public Policy, Greater Des Moines Partnership

Get the inside story on how the Greater Des Moines Partnership took leadership on a high-profile issue in order to improve its community. When a water quality public policy debate heated up, the Partnership’s Iowa Soil and Water Future Task Force brought differing political philosophies, rural vs. urban dynamics, and economic development concerns to the table and offered meaningful public policy recommendations. The Partnership's role in the situation demonstrated how chambers can and should act as a “sane center” for information distribution and facilitation. Learn how your organization can take on a leadership role in the community on strategically selected issues. Gain understanding on how to work with chamber members, investors and elected officials to find common ground solutions on a politically contentious issue. 


Intentionally Inclusive
Presented by:  Dr. Nika White, Senior Advisor for Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives, Greenville Chamber of Commerce (S.C.)


Inclusion is an important leadership practice for chamber professionals, but is one of the most overlooked organizational assets. Learn the key principles for becoming an Intentional Inclusionist™, and understand how your chamber's collective voice of influence--organization-wide--can foster the work of inclusion to create business success and enhance community prosperity.


Onward from Pale, Male and Stale
Presented by:  Scott Crockatt, Director of Marketing and Communications, Calgary Chamber (Alberta)


Take a close look inside the story of transforming perceptions of a chamber brand; from how we look, to how we talk, to our events and even how we answer the phone. It's a story of brand, communications, advocacy, values, spirit – and gelato. All of which play a key role in being seen by a new, modern, diverse, innovative and creative generation of entrepreneurs as the place to be.


Stand Together for Prosperity and Against Discrimination
Presented by: Aaron Cox, V.P. Chamber Relations, Texas Association of Business; Belinda Matingou, Regional Executive Director Central Texas, Texas Association of Business 


Religious freedom and similar bills veiled as "anti-discriminatory" have arrived in several state legislatures across the nation. Promoted as protecting citizen privacy, these bills have the potential to have devastating impacts on economic growth, economic development, tourism and other facets of the state and local economy. In this session you will learn about anti-discriminatory legislation and its forms as well as its proven (and potential) impacts. Gain insights on the strategies chambers can use to fight such legislation.


Tomorrow's Civic Leaders
Presented by: Sara Swisher, Director of EPIC Toledo, Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce; and Heather Gallant, Advisor, Aly Sterling Philanthropy


More than any other living generation, millennials are focused on making a difference. So how do you capture that passion and pass the torch of civic activity and leadership to this eager next generation of professionals? You help prepare them for success. Hear how the Toledo Regional Chamber and Aly Sterling Philanthropy tapped into this audience by developing a training series to prepare next generation leaders to serve their communities and be more engaged with the chamber.




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