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All Marketers Are Liars: The Underground Classic That Explains How Marketing Really Works--and Why Authenticity Is the Best Marketing of All

by Seth Godin

Seth Godin’s three essential questions for every marketer:
“What’s your story?”
“Will the people who need to hear this story believe it?”
“Is it true?”

All marketers tell stories. And if they do it right, we believe them. We believe that wine tastes better in a $20 glass than a $1 glass. We believe that an $80,000 Porsche is vastly superior to a $36,000 Volkswagen that’s virtually the same car. We believe that $125 sneakers make our feet feel better—and look cooler—than a $25 brand. And believing it makes it true.
As Seth Godin showed in this controversial book, great marketers don’t talk about features or even benefits. Instead, they tell a story—a story we want to believe, whether it’s factual or not. In a world where most people have an infinite number of choices and no time to make them, every organization is a marketer, and all marketing is about telling stories.

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Chamber Essentials for Issuing Certificates of Origin

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Certificates of Origin (COs) are international trade documents used to determine the origin of goods for official, commercial and financial reasons. Since 1898, chambers have been recognized by government and customs officials as competent authorities to issue COs. With nearly 4 million certificates issued within the United States annually, chambers play a crucial role as trusted third parties bringing reliability, integrity, neutrality and impartiality in the issuance of COs.

This four-part online eCourse series will help you determine if your chamber should be in the business of issuing certificates of origin. You will learn from credible experts how globally chambers have become the issuing authority of certificates of origin; receive legal advice on what chambers should know and do as the issuing authority; hear how one chamber retrieved their corporate seal from freight forwarders that were using them to create certificates for their customers; and finally learn a brief "how-to" process from a chamber professional that has been issuing certificates for over 30 years.

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Collaboration Nation: How Public-Private Ventures are Revolutionizing the Business of Government

by Mary Scott Nabers

How government operates is going through a revolution that will result in an estimated $3 trillion of new business opportunities for private enterprise. Cities are outsourcing functions as mundane as parking garages; public-private partnerships are forming to replace aging bridges and other infrastructure projects; and government at all levels is looking to private enterprise to streamline operations and invent solutions to stubborn problems. Governments at all levels have to rethink how they deliver services and what services can be more efficiently delivered in collaboration with private enterprise. Nabers, who served for more than a decade as a statewide executive, pulls back the curtain on what makes government officials tick, the practical and political cross-currents that are unique challenges to doing business with government, and how to bridge the cultural divide between public officials and corporate executives who live in different worlds, speak different languages, and have distinctly different ways of doing business.

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Community Visioning Programs: Processes and Outcomes (Community Development Research and Practice Series)

by Norman Walzer and Gisele F. Hamm

Community visioning is key in helping local public officials and community leaders create a flourishing future for their cities, and is essential for the effective planning and implementation of these strategies.  Visioning involves collaborative goal setting to motivate actions – of planners, citizens, and officials – in order to design and carry out a strategic planning process for the successful development of the community.

The use of visioning since the 1980s has led to a wealth of information on the productivity of the paths it has taken.  The contributors, all with experience working in the area, review the successes and failures of the strategies, and look at new innovations which are pushing the frontiers of community visioning.

This review of the development of visioning focuses on small and medium sized communities in North America.  It aims to guide citizens, local leaders and planners on what strategies are best to help them revitalise their communities and ensure a prosperous future.

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Content Rules

by Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman

The book Content Rules by Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman gives practical advice in bite size increments for any chamber to digest when mapping out a strategy in the social media space.  Be sure to look at their publishing schedule template in Chapter 5.

Recommended by Raymond Towle, IOM, CCE
Vice President of the Institute for Organization Management
U.S. Chamber of Commerce 

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Forces for Good: The Six Practices of High-Impact Nonprofits

by Leslie R. Crutchfield and Heather McLeod Grant

An updated edition of a groundbreaking book on best practices for nonprofits

What makes great nonprofits great? In the original book, authors Crutchfield and McLeod Grant employed a rigorous research methodology derived from for-profit books like Built to Last. They studied 12 nonprofits that have achieved extraordinary levels of impact--from Habitat for Humanity to the Heritage Foundation--and distilled six counterintuitive practices that these organizations use to change the world.

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Good to Great in God's Eyes: 10 Practices Great Christians Have in Common

by Chip Ingram

Now available in an updated edition, Good to Great in God's Eyes shows how Christians can honor God with lives of great faith and excellent work. Believers become great in God's eyes by applying the 10 common characteristics of great Christians. Using Scripture, personal stories, and examples from Christians who left a lasting legacy, bestselling author Chip Ingram offers practical steps for becoming great in all areas of life, in spiritual growth, family, relationships, and career. This updated edition features a new foreword by Bob Buford, a new introduction, and helpful discussion questions to facilitate group or individual study.

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Leading Change

by John P. Kotter

Millions worldwide have read and embraced John Kotter’s ideas on change management and leadership. From the ill-fated dot-com bubble to unprecedented M&A activity to scandal, greed, and ultimately, recession—we’ve learned that widespread and difficult change is no longer the exception. It’s the rule. Now with a new preface, this refreshed edition of the global bestseller Leading Change is more relevant than ever.

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Likeonomics: The Unexpected Truth Behind Earning Trust, Influencing Behavior, and Inspiring Action

by Rohit Bhargava

How to become a trusted resource for consumers in a society of constant manipulation

People decide who to trust, what advice to heed, and which individuals to forge personal or transactional relationships with based on a simple metric of believability. Success, in turn, comes from understanding one basic principle: how to be more trusted. Likeonomics offers a new vision of a world beyond Facebook where personal relationships, likeability, brutal honesty, extreme simplicity, and basic humanity are behind everything from multi-million dollar mergers to record-breaking product sales. There is a real ROI to likeability, and exactly how big it is will amaze you.

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Managing Conflicts of Interest, A Primer for Nonprofit Boards

Managing Conflicts of Interest, A Primer for Nonprofit Boards

by Daniel L. Kurtz and Sarah E. Paul

The nonprofit sector depends on the spirit of volunteerism displayed by board members - personal and professional knowledge, experience, and community engagement. These board members can also face challenges in carrying out their board responsibilities precisely because of the number and breadth of associations and connections they have. Making unbiased, independent decisions on behalf of the organization isn't always easy. So, not only should nonprofit board members and executives be able to recognize potential conflicts of interest, but they must determine when these conflicts present areas of concern and what to do about them. Help promote a culture of disclosure in your nonprofit by exploring the meaning of conflicts of interest and understanding the legal rules relating to them. This book acknowledges the difficulty in identifying problematic conflicts of interest, and gives recommendations for practice. This new edition discusses The most recent state and federal laws governing conflicts of interest Important legal concepts, including private inurement, private benefit, and intermediate sanctions Situations that give rise to conflicts of interest Creation of a conflict-of-interest policy and the need for proper disclosure Establishing a procedure for responding to existing conflicts Organizational code of ethics and maintaining an overall culture of integrity Special considerations for private foundations in dealing with conflicts of interest The key for nonprofit boards is not to try to avoid all possible conflict-of-interest situations, but to identify and follow a process for handling them effectively. How an organization manages conflicts of interest and assures open and honest deliberation affects all aspects of its operations and is critical to making good decisions, avoiding legal problems and public scandals, and remaining focused on the organization's mission. Available through BoardSource with member and non-member pricing.

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