Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "Circle of Champions?"

  • A program for your sales department to upgrade sales skills and boost the sale of new memberships
  • Part of the Membership Development Division's "back to the basics" sales philosophy

Who is eligible to be enrolled in the Circle of Champions?

Anyone who is directly involved in the sales of memberships (i.e. account executives, sales managers, membership executives, etc.).

Who on my sales staff should be enrolled?

Everyone involved in selling memberships at your organization.

Can a new salesperson be enrolled later?

Yes, additional staff may be added at anytime.

What privileges are included with membership in the Circle of Champions?

  • Ability to compete in the annual National Sales Contest
  • Ability to be recognized for the Lifetime Achievement Award
  • You will receive special communications from the Circle of Champions Advisory Team and other members of the Circle which include networking, best practices and surveys

How do I submit sales numbers for the Sales Contest? 

We have developed personalized survey links to collect your sales results. If you have not received your link please contact ACCE.

Can I count sales I may have made at organizations other than the membership organization where I am presently employed toward the Lifetime Achievement Award?

Yes, but you must document those submissions with a letter from the current executive stating the number of sales, the total dollar value of those sales and the dates of your employment in sales with that organization.

What are the prizes for the Lifetime Achievement Award and the annual Sales Contest?

You will receive a special recognition and presentation at the ACCE Annual Convention, on, and other ACCE publications.

When and where are Lifetime Achievement Awards and Sales Contest Awards presented?

During the Annual Convention.