401(k) / Profit Sharing Plan

As your national association, ACCE is accountable to you to help ensure your Chamber can offer products and services designed to provide a more successful financial future for you and your staff.

The ACCE Benefits Trust Board members assume fiduciary responsibility and pursue opportunities to help make the retirement program better and stronger. The goal of the ACCE Benefits Trust Board is to provide your staff with a retirement plan that offers a simpler, more effective ways to save for their future - and a retirement plan that's easier for you to manage.

ACCE Benefits Trust has teamed with an experienced independent investment consultant and the Principal Financial Group ® to design a retirement plan specifically for ACCE member employers. The ACCE Benefits Trust Retirement Plan is designed to meet the diverse needs of community organizations of various sizes and budgets, and you can benefit from a diverse set of investment options, innovative participant services and outstanding administrative support.

Introducing the Mighty MiniOrganizations with 5 or fewer employees can't afford not to find out more about a new retirement plan solution offered by ACCE.  The Mighty Mini offers state-of-the-art plan design and big plan investment options at an affordable price.  Please click here to learn more about the Mighty Mini!

To request a quote, please complete the Proposal Request Form  and email it to Stacey Breslin at

For additional information, please contact Stacey at or (703) 998-3549.