457(b) / Deferred Compensation Plan

As a professional, you appreciate the value of following best practices—in your work life as well as your personal finances. Here’s a best practice that could have a tremendous impact in the long run: Contribute all that you can towards your retirement and take full advantage of all savings opportunities.

The ACCE 457(b) Plan is a nonqualified plan designed to assist chief executives and "select group of management" to further prepare for a more successful financial future.  The 457(b) plan is a valuable and attractive method for investing in your retirement future because the amount you may invest is in addition to amounts you are eligible to put away through a 401(k) or qualified retirement plan.  That's right - you can do both!

With very little administrative burden, zero costs, extreme flexibility for participants, and no required employer contribution, why would you not encourage your chamber to adopt the ACCE 457(b) Plan?

For additional questions or to obtain information on how to participate in the ACCE 457(b) Plan, please contact Stacey Breslin at or (703) 998-3549.