Chairman's Award

Each year, the Chairman of ACCE’s Board of Directors honors one or more individuals who have made a significant contribution to ACCE and the chamber profession during the Chairman’s term of service. This award is held in confidence until it is bestowed during the ACCE Annual Convention.

Chairman's Award Winners

Kelly Hall, CCE 2016
David Brown  2015
Cathy Burwell  2014
Kelly Hall, CCE  2014
Joe Roman  2013
 Chip C. Cherry, CCE  2012
 Shelia Lee, CCE  2011
 Thomas Baldridge, CCE  2010
 Betty Nokes  2009
 John T. Long III, CCE, CAE  2008
 Roy H. Williams, CCE  2008
 ACCE’s Benefits Trust  2007
 Steve Millard, CCE  2006
 Paul H. Harvel, CCE  2005
 Doug S. Kinsinger, CCE    2004
 Raymond M. Burns, CCE  2003
 Tammy J. Carnrike, CCE  2002
 Mikel Ward  2002
 Winthrop M. Hallett, III  2001
 David L. McKeehan, CCE  2001
 Richard G. Hadley, CCE   2000
 Mike Neal, CCE  1999
 Richard E. Blouse, CCE  1998
 Joseph R. Reitemeier, CCE  1997
 Jim Kollaer  1996
 Terrence J. Ryan  1995
 Russell S. Autry, CCE  1994
 Mary F. Birch, CCE  1993
 Frank M. Ryll, Jr.  1993
 James B. Anderson, CCE  1992
 Thomas H. Schwieger, CCE  1991
 James W. Dunn, CCE  1990
 John R. Tydings, CCE  1989
 K. Michael Benz, CCE  1988
 Robert S. Labrant, CCE  1988
 Harvey S. Schmitt, CCE  1987
 Anne C. Russell, CCE  1986
 Richard E. Blouse, CCE  1985
 Frank D. Fulco, CCE  1984