Membership Statistics

Membership Statistics available in 2 ways:

1. Download the FREE Fiscal Year 2016 Membership Statistics mini publication from the 13th Annual FY 2016 Chamber Operations Survey Report. The FY 2016 Operations Survey data was collected from survey questions completed as of April 15, 2017. The full FY 2016 Chamber Operations Survey Report publication, showing 5 year trends and analysis is available in the ACCE Store ($199 for members; $250 for non-members; FREE for Horizon Investors and All ACCEss Pass members).

2. Access ACCE's survey platform, Dynamic Chamber Benchmarking, complete the ongoing Operations Survey, available 24/7, and download the up-to-date Membership Statistics Report with your Chamber's data already integrated into the customized report for easy benchmarking. Use the custom filters to generate reports that match your chamber's total revenue, chamber staff, number of chamber members, and more. 

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Last updated: 9/15/2017