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This section contains surveys, research, and reports relevant to chambers of commerce -- both from ACCE survey initiatives and outside sources. ACCE relies on our members for suggestions and contributions, so please use this form to provide suggestions.


These anonymous polls are launched several times a year, usually with 3-10 questions that take only minutes to answer. They provide a snapshot of what other chambers are doing or experiencing.

Dynamic Chamber Benchmarking

ACCE’s Operations and Salary Surveys are now combined into one powerful new platform, free to ACCE members. The Operations Survey section provides chambers with information that can be used to establish comparisons and benchmarks with similar chambers of commerce; the Salary Survey (avilable to CEOs or their delegate) offers members the most accurate and reliable compensation information for the chamber industry. Ready to get started? Log in with your ACCE username and password. (If you don’t know your login, request it here.) For more information, including how to work with fiscal years, downloading reports, using the comparison feature, working with the filter options, and more, please see Working with Dynamic Chamber Benchmarking. You can also download our Quick Start Guide and view our HERO Webinar schedule.

Looking for Current Survey Reports?

Reports and White Papers  

Find a variety of reports, white papers and other studies for and about chambers of commerce, including the new report on Embracing the Challenge: The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Imperative for Chamber of Commerce, information about the Horizon Initiative: Chambers 2025 report, the 2012 Schapiro Report and ACCE's Chamber Revenue Models Report.

Custom Research

Let our HERO Team help you with custom research, benchmarking, and more.  If your request requires more than 30 minutes of work, our custom services are a good option for you. Please contact us at to talk to us about what you are looking for, how we can help, and an estimated cost.


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Updated: 10/18/2017