Economic and Community Development

Economic Development means business recruitment and retention, but it also means fostering innovation, developing a skilled workforce, community image and branding, and promoting a conducive business climate through good public policy. Your chamber may not be responsible for business attraction, but every chamber in the country is in the business of economic development.

Learn more about ACCE's Economic and Community Development Division.

The ECD division is comprised of chamber economic development professionals, industry thought leaders and chamber CEOs charged with driving prosperity in their regions. The division convenes peer conference calls, provides online and phone answers to development related questions, offers introductions for chamber professionals with site selection consultants and crafts curriculum for ACCE events.

ACCE also assists with talent recruitment in the economic development field and undertakes targeted research on chamber economic development efforts, staff compensation, and best practices.

For information about how ACCE can help your organization advance its economic development aspirations, contact Michelle Vegliante.

ACCE Members will also be interested in the Economic Development Funding chapter from the ACCE Chamber Revenue Model Whitepaper - Entire Whitepaper also available here (published December 2013).

Specific Economic and Community Development Topics

Convention & Seminar Resources

  • D&I and Economic/Community Development Track Pack (6 Sessions). Captured live from the 2016 ACCE Annual Convention in Savannah. Duration: 5 hours, 50 minutes. Cost: $49.00 for 1 year of unlimited access for all your chamber staff. Sessions include:
  • Campus and Community - Presentation and survey data from Beth Bagwell, MPA, Executive Director, International Town Gown Association. From the 2016 ACCE Annual Convention.
  • 2014 Economic Development & Membership Track Pack (6 Sessions) from the 2014 ACCE Annual Convention, available for purchase through the ACCE Store, includes tracks on:
    • Segmenting the Small Business Market
    • Sustainable Membership Growth
    • Growing Diverse Businesses
      • See also Growing Diverse Businesses presentation by Crystal German, Vice President, Economic Inclusion, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber and Nika White, Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion, Greenville Chamber of Commerce
    • Collective Impact: A Powerful Framework for Transformative Change in Communities
    • Quality of Place as an Economic Driver
      • See also Quality of Place as an Economic Driver presentation by David Brown, President and CEO, Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce; Brad Lacy, President & CEO, Conway Area Chamber; and J. Mac Holladay, CCE, PCED, LM, HLM, Founder and CEO, Market Street Services
    • Tapping the Entrepreneurial Culture
      • See also Tapping the Entrepreneurial Culture presentation by Michael Dalby, CCE, President and CEO, Columbus Chamber; Sean Kennedy, Greenhouse Manager, St. Petersburg Area Chamber; Penny Lewandowski, Vice President of Entrepreneurship, Edward Lowe Foundation; and Christa Tinsley Spaht, Senior Project Manager, Market Street Services
  • Economic & Community Development ACCE Convention Series from the 2012 Convention in Louisville available for purchase through the ACCE Store, includes:
    • Economic Development & State Budgets
    • Blue Ribbon Regional Programs
    • Winning the Talent War!
    • Growing Inclusively
    • The Economy Unspun and In-Context - Bonus Session!

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