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Chambers of commerce organize events lots of them. Meetings, gatherings, and events are not the only things chambers do, but every chamber does them. Events and programs consume a great deal of the workday and annual organization calendar for most chambers of commerce. Some chambers convene scores of meetings, conferences, summits, committee sessions, briefings, workshops, social events, charettes, press conferences, parties, programs and behind-the-scenes strategy sessions each year. As chambers advance further in the electronic age, online gatherings are being integrated into an already crowded meeting calendar.

Because of the breadth of chamber programs, there is often confusion about what any one particular chamber does and even what it is. While each of the meetings and events convened by any chamber has a purpose, it might not always be easy to discern it. Some get-togethers may appear to be meetings held simply for the purpose of meeting, but there are usually sound mission or financial motives involved.

Some of the most public and visible activities of chambers might actually be less important than the private meetings they undertake in the cause of advancing the interests of their members and communities.

Chamber event planners will also find ACCE's chapter on Community Events to be helpful in gaining new awareness for successful programming options. This chapter comes from the ACCE Chamber Revenue Model Whitepaper (published December 2013).

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