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Gone are the days of being fully dependent on membership dues! Non-dues revenue allows chambers to have much more diversified revenue streams. These methods range from one-time events to long-term programs that can help to significantly boost total income.

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  • Leveraging Technology to Streamline Your Non-Dues Revenue (Or here's why your Chamber should ditch that underpeforming networking social) - White Paper from ChamberMaster. Summary: Chambers rely on non-dues revenue to remain financially solvent. But what if increasing non-dues revenue didnít necessarily mean osting another golf tournament or Chamber dinner? What if you could boost revenue by using technology to bolster an underutilized service you may already be able to offer members?

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  • Exceptional Funding Track (5 Sessions) from the 2013 ACCE Annual Convention, available for purchase through the ACCE Store, includes tracks on:
    • The Foundation Rain Dance
    • Memberships as Products
    • ABCs of Affinities (Video)
    • Total Resource Campaigns: Yes, No, Maybe? (Video)
    • Electronic Certificates of Origin: Get with the Program!
  • Top Investors as Recruiters, PDF presentation by Steve Lucker, Greater Louisville Inc., from the 2013 ACCE Annual Convention

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