ACCE Toolkits are intended to be used as manuals on a specific topic. They include explanations, templates, resources, and samples. 

Mentoring Toolkit 1.0

Many things are changing in the chamber world: dues and revenue structures, workforce demographics, business models, and chamber leadership. ACCE’s Mentoring Program is a platform where chamber leaders can formally come together in a mentor-mentee capacity. The resources in this toolkit are designed to help you find, sustain and excel in your mentoring relationships.

Disaster Preparedness & Recovery Toolkit 

When disasters strike, chamber executives have no playbook to follow. But now, with the Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Toolkit, chamber professionals can take steps to prepare for emergencies and learn whom to turn to and what to expect. The toolkit is a collection of articles, worksheets, samples and other resources designed to help you prepare for oncoming disasters and connect you with resources to speed your community’s recovery. 

Government Relations 101: Making Your Chamber Make a Difference 

This toolkit is based on Mick Fleming's e-book, Making Your Chamber Make a Difference.  As a chamber of commerce, you are the representative of hundreds, perhaps thousands of influential constituents. Politically, your organization can be in the driver’s seat. The question is: Are you ready to be a major part of this process, or will you watch as other players take center stage in your region?  To reach your potential as a power player in the game of influencing public policy, your chamber needs a few tools and lot of motivation. This toolkit offers a bit of both, as well as sample documents and templates from chambers around the country that should help you get started.

Total Resource Development Campaign Toolkit 

The Introduction to Total Resource Development toolkit was prepared by ACCE in partnership with Bob Confoy, co-principal of Revenue Growth, Inc. (RGI) and a veteran of the chamber profession. The toolkit features excerpts of Confoy’s RGI Sourcebook, and serves as an introduction to planning and implementing a total resource development campaign. The four-chapter publication makes the case for TRCs as a chamber’s most successful approach for annual funding, gives tips for planning a successful TRC, and shares a proven TRC structure which produces results.

Hiring Toolkit for Chamber CEO 

This hiring toolkit is a resource guide compiled by the ACCE Information Office. It is intended as a template to assist chamber of commerce volunteers in the process of hiring a new CEO. This toolkit is primarily designed for small- to medium- sized chambers who have chosen not to hire a professional search firm to help with the hiring process. While this toolkit should be used as a guide, it is important to remember that hiring should not be a mechanistic process. In every hire, the candidate’s character and integrity take precedence over specific skills and experience. Hiring is fundamentally about forecasting the probability of success on the job and much judgment is required. The documents in this toolkit do not constitute legal advice, nor should they take the place of having professional advice when drafting legal documents. 

National Chamber Image Campaign Toolkits

When today’s business leaders need support or advocacy, they have many options to choose from, including trade organizations, local business groups, Internet-based resources – and the Chamber of Commerce. To effectively stand out among the ever-increasing number of choices, the chamber must clearly communicate the role it plays and value it adds to businesses and the community at large. ACCE partnered with the Quixote Group to develop the National Chamber Image Campaign for member use. Ultimately, the goal of the Campaign is to help chambers of commerce better communicate the value they bring to their communities. Three Toolkits – the Message Infusion Toolkit, Advertising Toolkit and the Public Relations Toolkit – will help increase overall communications effectiveness in respective communities across the country. Because the National Chamber Image Campaign is no longer an active project at ACCE, you may find that some of the weblinks in the toolkits are no longer active. If you would like more information about the campaign or resources related to the campaign, please contact or at 703-998-3524. 

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