Affiliate Memberships

Affiliate membership is available to executives and senior management of not-for-profit organizations, such as economic development corporations and convention & visitors bureaus. This membership package includes the following benefits:

  • Subscriptions to the Chamber Executive, ACCE's quarterly magazine
  • Subscriptions to Chamber Spotlight, ACCE's electronic digest and other interest-area newsletters
  • Individual log-in access for all CEOs and management staff for online services
  • Access to all benefits programs, including ACCE's insurance and retirement plans
  • Networking opportunities with ACCE members and partner organizations
  • Access to the members only sections of ACCE’s websiteAccess to ACCE's online Membership Directory
  • Access to ACCE's Help, Expertise and Resources Online (HERO), including samples, survey & data, and Chamberpedia
  • Acceptance into ACCE's social media groups
  • Attractive member rates to all professional and informational programs and services for you and your staff

Join ACCE today by completing the Affiliate Membership Application

Joining is easy, and you can access ACCE's services every hour, every day during your membership year. Affiliate membership is $550 per year and tentative pending board approval. Questions? Call (703) 861-9382 or email Dana Ketterling at