International Memberships

This value proposition is available to executives leading chambers outside the United States. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with executives around the world and learn about global community issues and trading opportunities. The international membership option includes the following: 

  • Access to members only sections of, including the membership directory and online resources
  • Access to ACCE's online Help, Expertise and Resources Online (HERO),, including samples, surveys & data, and Chamberpedia
  • Subscription to Chamber Spotlight, ACCE's online digest and other topic-focused newsletters
  • Admission to ACCE's social media groups
  • You will be able to access ACCE's services every hour, every day during your membership year
  • Online edition of Chamber Executive magazine, feturing trends, issues and best practices in the chamber profession around the globe
  • Membership rates on ACCE's programs, publications and events
  • Special pricing for chambers that are overseas and beyond North America- $500 annual investment

Join today by completing the International Chamber Membership Application

Joining is easy, and you can access ACCE's online services every hour, every day during your membership year. Membership in ACCE is tentative pending board approval. Questions? Call (703) 861-9382 or email Dana Ketterling at