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By Sarah Myers and Holly South

Changing Dues Structures

I'm exploring a tiered dues structure for my chamber. What examples and resources do you have?

Take a look at our Chamberpedia page on Tiered Dues, in the Membership section. It lists examples of tiered dues schedules  and has a contact list of people experienced with tiered dues structures. ACCE's Chamber Revenue Models Whitepaper has excellent coverage of tiers in the chapter on “Dues.”

Engage colleagues in your Division(s) or Community Peer Groups, via the Networks menu on the ACCE site, or post a question on ACCE’s main LinkedIn group or join the Membership Development Division, which has its own LinkedIn group. Questions about dues always elicit a lot of responses and examples.

You should also consult the Operations Survey and Membership Statistics reports in Dynamic Chamber Benchmarking to locate data and comparisons related to tiered dues. Metrics include length of time using tiered dues and its effects on membership and revenue.

Want to know how your chamber compares in 2015? Participate in the FY2015 surveys in Dynamic Chamber Benchmarking. Enter your data as soon as your fiscal year ends. The sooner chambers enter data, the sooner we can make these reports available.

Where do I go for staff and CEO salary and benefits data?

CEOs often need salary data at the 11th hour—and you can get it, thanks to Dynamic Chamber Benchmarking. Members who have completed 50% or more of the survey can get instant salary comparisons and reports with FY2014 data. Get a head start on FY2015 comparisons by completing the 2015 Salary Survey when your fiscal year ends. Save time by copying your previous year’s responses—within the data entry module, select from the Year dropdown menu, click on “Save As,” and choose PDF. Your chamber’s answers will open in a PDF, from which you can copy and paste into the current year.

Take a look at the Dynamic Chamber Benchmarking Salary Survey module. Note the fiscal year you are working with (this can be changed via the Year dropdown menu).

Select the “Compare Chambers” tab to apply filters or create your own Peer Cluster, both of which allow you to benchmark your chamber against similar ones. Then generate a customized report in less than 30 seconds. You can obtain salary reports from the “Reports and Charts” tab; these include a CEO Compensation Overview, the HR Statistics and CEO Salary Report, and salary statistics for senior, mid-level, sales, and support staff. Apply filters to compare your chamber to those most like you.

Need help? Use our NEW live chat feature in Dynamic Chamber Benchmarking or email

My chamber wants to apply for the 2016 Chamber of Year award. Where do I start?

Chamber of the Year information can be found on the Chamber of the Year page in ACCE’s Professional Development Portal under “Awards.” Chambers planning to apply should take the following steps:

  1. Register for the Chamber of the Year webinar on Jan. 12, 2016. Facilitated by Brad Lacy, president & CEO, Conway Area Chamber of Commerce, this session will cover all the key dates and eligibility requirements. A recording will be available afterward. (Register at
  2. Review the 2016 Chamber of the Year application and scan samples from previous winners to get a feel for what the application entails. (Download at
  3. Begin entering your FY 2015 data into Dynamic Chamber Benchmarking (available via ACCE’s “Information” menu). Make sure to answer “yes” to the Chamber of the Year interest question in the Profile Section. All data must be entered by Feb. 26, 2016 to be considered for eligibility.

Holly South and Sarah Myers are the directors of Information and Research at ACCE.

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