Chambers for Chambers

ACCE's special blog connects members needing help in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy with chambers willing to assist a member facing disaster. It might allow fast, direct connections when they matter most. Chambers for Chambers Blog.

  • Publicize your challenges and current needs that peers can help you address
  • Offer specific kinds of help (money, expertise, experience, connections)
  • Become a member of a chamber coping with disaster (your dues payment helps!)
  • See up-to-date postings from those in harm's way.

Chambers for Chambers Resources

Listed below is a short list of ACCE's resources,
for all the related information within Chamberpedia visit: Disaster Recovery under "Operations".

Disaster Recovery Plan: Disaster Response for Controllers and CFOs

Disaster Recovery Plan: Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan

Crisis Communication Plans

Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery Plan: Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce

Disaster Recovery: When The Big One Strikes

After the Headlines: Tips for Before and After Disaster Strikes

After the Headlines: Disaster Relief Success Stories

Disaster Aftermath

After the Headlines: Chamber Execs Lead Disaster Recovery Work

Crisis Communications