Circle of Champions


"In business, nothing happens until somebody sells something!"

The Membership Development Division Circle of Champions program is designed to connect chamber sales professionals and to inspire and recognize excellence in membership sales performance.

As a membership account executive, you will find the Circle of Champions to be a source of motivation and information designed to lead you to new levels of confidence, peak performance and success. As a CEO, you'll find the Circle of Champions to be a great way to train and motivate your sales team.

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The Circle of Champions program includes:

Training Webinars

Learn new strategies to boost your sales in these exciting telephone seminars. All key areas of membership sales performance are discussed, including prospecting, making presentations, and closing and handling objections.

National Sales Contest

Benchmark your annual sales success with organizations in your dues category. The first place winners in each dues category are recognized at the ACCE annual convention. View the current standings here: Sales Contest

Lifetime Sales Achievement Awards

Finally there is a program to recognize dedicated membership sales professionals! Your cumulative career sales performance recognized at the ACCE Annual convention. Download the entry form here: Lifetime Sales Achievement Awards

Circle of Champions Resources

2017-2018 Roster (updated as of 11-27-2017)