Becoming a CCE

Four steps to earning the Certified Chamber Executive designation

Earning the CCE is a four-step process. Candidates are required to successfully complete each step with a minimum score in each category to earn the designation. Candidates will be informed of their status after each step and counseled regarding the results. All information is confidential. If you are ready to begin the process, please submit an Intent to Apply form so we know to expect your application.

Step #1: Application - 2021 applications due January 11, 2021

In order to apply for the CCE, an applicant must have accrued a total of 175 or more Professional Development CCE points. Our 2021 application and application guidelines are available here.

We recommend that applicants complete the CCE program within one year. Participants not completing the program within three years will be required to re-apply. 

Upon ACCE's receipt of the application, the applicant will be subject to a reference check. The reference check is intended to assure that the applicant is highly regarded by the chamber(s) he/she has served. References will only be notified that the applicant plans to pursue the designation within a three-year period. They will not be informed of the examination date or final results.

Application, guidelines, and further information are available on our CCE web page. Please contact Susan McGuire with any questions or for further information.

Step #2: Essay

Upon successfully passing the application process, participants are required to write two essays. See the CCE Candidate Essay Guidelines for more details on the requirements for these essays.

The first essay (the "main essay") should be based on one of the core chamber management areas: management, planning and development, membership and communications, and operations.

The second essay (the "financial essay") is to be written on the subject of fiduciary responsibility. In this essay, the candidates must explain the chamber’s internal accounting procedures designed to protect the board of directors as the board executes its fiduciary responsibility.

Step #3: Oral Presentation/Interview

A panel composed of members of the CCE Commission evaluates the oral presentation/interview. The candidate's presentation should be no longer then 15 minutes and must relate directly to the candidate's main written essay. The panel will follow up with questions about the presentation. The interview will follow directly after the presentation and will last approximately 30 minutes. The purpose of this step is to assess the candidate’s communication and leadership skills, as well as to clarify any information submitted in the application.

The oral presentation and interview takes place in the early spring. The 2021 date is March 24, 2021, and the process will take place virtually. See also our CCE timeline. All candidates must be present for this event or risk not being able to proceed to the next step.

Step #4: Examination

Applicants who have successfully completed all of the previous steps will be eligible to take the examination. The examination consists of questions related to key areas of chamber management and takes approximately four hours to complete. Exams are proctored and administered at locations near each CCE candidate. Applicants who score at least 80% on the examination will be considered for certification.

Candidates approved for certification by ACCE's board of directors will receive the certification award at the ACCE Annual Convention.


Application fee: By the application due date, candidates should submit a non-refundable application fee of $400 for ACCE members; $600 for non-members. Application fees are due on the application due date (January 1, 2021). Please submit these using the CCE Application Payment Form.

Designation fee: Once the Certification Commission and the ACCE Board approve the award to a candidate, the final processing fee will be invoiced to the new CCE: $200 for ACCE members and $300 for non-members. 

CCE signifies the highest quality of performance in chamber management. So, take the next step to earning the designation. Submit the Intent to Apply Form to alert ACCE that you intend to pursue your CCE.  

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