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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

9 to 10:30 a.m.

Enhancing Events with Digital  /  Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)
Digital isn't just an online thing—it's an [often untapped] opportunity to be more efficient and to deliver a better member/guest experience. From visual seating apps and text notifications to livestreaming and digital check-in, learn about the affordable tools used at the Calgary Chamber to take events – big and small – to the next level.

Presenter: Aaron Kroontje  /  Director of Digital and Technology  /  Calgary Chamber of Commerce

Making Money Moves  /  Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)
Learn how to enhance membership value and generate income for your chamber through non-dues revenue. Explore the success of the Kentucky Chamber’s health insurance offering, and learn best practices for launching, marketing and measuring the success of money-making affinity programs.

Presenter: Hilary Morgan  /  Director, Marketing  /  Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

The EOS® Journey: Going Faster and Further Together  /  Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)
Imagine it: your entire team is on the same page with the direction your chamber is going, and how you plan to get there. An organization with focus, discipline and accountability throughout, enabling everyone on your team to execute the same vision every day. Discover how the Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce uses the Entrepreneurial Operation System (EOS®), a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools, to support cohesive and functional team dynamics, and achieve powerful results.

Presenter: Jane Clark  /  President  /  Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce

What Members Want  /  Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)
Hear directly from the mouths of members in this session, designed to inspire you to better define what your audience wants. Learn to serve varied member interests to increase your retention, refine your programming and boost membership morale. Plus, discover how the strong voice of your members can impact community and drive change.

Presenter: Jeniffer Chittenden, IOM  /  Executive Director  /  Des Moines Downtown Chamber 

11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

12 Resources Every Chamber Super HERO Needs  /  Presentation (PDF)

Steven Elkins  /  Director of Member Services  /  Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce
Sarah Melby  /  Director of Information & Research  /  ACCE

60 Sponsorship Ideas in 60 Minutes  /  Audio (mp3)
In the competitive world of corporate sponsorship, chambers can get ahead of the game with strong strategies and creative concepts. Share a success story and be inspired by dozens of others in this fast-paced, panel-facilitated session. Your next $10,000 sponsorship idea awaits.

Rita McDonald  /  Vice President of Member Relations  /  Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce
Annette Medlin, IOM  /  President & CEO  /  Greater Augusta Chamber of Commerce
Shar Pardubsky  /  Executive Director  /  Iowa Chamber of Commerce Executives
Wil Pineau, CCE  /  CEO  /  Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce

Building Your Brand in the Digital Age  /  Audio (mp3)
In today's connected world, it's become an essential practice for Chamber professionals to build a reputation for themselves, their organizations and the regions they serve. But how to make sense of how to build a strong professional brand digitally? LinkedIn's US Government & Non-Profit Lead Andrew Phillips will lead a discussion on how to build a strong personal brand by showcasing examples from US Chamber Executives getting it right. He'll also advise on how to utilize the LinkedIn platform in order to fully utilize the LinkedIn platform and its nearly 600M global member base.

Andrew Phillips  /  Economic Development, Advocacy & Nonprofits  /  LinkedIn

CCE: Certifying the Profession  /  Presentation (PDF)
Designed for experienced leaders, Certified Chamber Executive (CCE) is the highly-recognized designation for high-achieving chamber professionals. Learn how certification can boost your professional confidence and take your career to the next level, and how a prestigious alumni network of 500+ CCEs can help get you there.

Bob Quick, CCE  /  President & CEO  /  Commerce Lexington Inc.
Linda Rabe, CCE, IOM  /  President & CEO  /  Rapid City Area Chamber of Commerce

Data Drives Everything: Closing the Skills Gap  /  Audio (mp3)
As chambers everywhere work to close the skills gap in their communities, many have harnessed the power of data to create effective talent strategies. Learn how the Austin Chamber of Commerce has used data to fundamentally change the conversation, trajectory and alignment of workforce demand and talent supply in their region, and how you can, too.

Greg Cumpton  /  Associate Director  /  Ray Marshall Center, University of Texas at Austin
Kwee Lan Teo  /  Vice President, Talent Development & Acquisition  /  Austin Chamber of Commerce
Gilbert Zavala  /  Vice President, Education & Talent Development  /  Austin Chamber of Commerce

The Science of Member Loyalty  /  Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)
Loyal members support your mission, encourage others to join and positively impact your bottom line. In many ways, retention is more science than art. Explore the science, and learn how to build strong programs that reduce churn and enhance loyalty at your chamber.

Presenter: Cathi Hight  /  President  /  Hight Performance Group, Inc.

2 to 3:30 p.m.

Chambers: Catalysts for Healthy, Prosperous Communities  /  Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)
A healthy and educated community is a productive and prosperous community. Explore the many ways that chambers – through policy and programming – can drive health and wellness improvement to boost educational and economic success.

Scott Hall  /  Vice President for Civic and Community Activities  /  Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce
Ron Goetzel  /  Senior Scientist and Director of the Institute for Health and Productivity Studies  /  Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Christy Marino  /  Advocacy and Special Programs Manager  /  The Jefferson Chamber of Commerce
Todd Murphy  /  President & CEO  /  The Jefferson Chamber of Commerce
Madison Rich  /  Healthy KC Coordinator  /  Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce
Alex Zarookian  /  Director of Investor Relations & Special Events  /  The Jefferson Chamber of Commerce

How Boston Retains Talent  /  Audio (mp3)
In 2016, the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce acquired an independent nonprofit called City Awake to enhance its focus on the next generation of talent, namely millennials. Today, City Awake empowers Greater Boston’s millennials through civic engagement, leadership development and community dialogue. Learn how the Boston Chamber integrated an external initiative into its internal strategy, hear best practices in acquisition and be inspired by ideas for programmatic innovation in talent attraction and retention.

Justin Kang  /  Vice President of Economic Growth  /  Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce

Peer Mindshare: Membership Development  /  Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)
In this all-hands-on-deck networking and brainstorming session, Membership Development Division Advisory Board members will lead problem-solving roundtables based on the toughest challenges faced by chamber membership professionals today. Share tough problems, exchange information, and develop solutions with your peers.

Kelly Fanelli  /  Membership Director  /  Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches
Kelle Marsalis, CCE, IOM  /  Vice President of Strategic Initiatives  /  Dallas Regional Chamber

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Thursday, July 19, 2018

9 to 10:30 a.m.

A Career in Membership: Stories, Inspiration and Advice  /  Audio (mp3)
This learning experience features a panel of professionals who have built careers in membership sales. Hear how they’ve overcome challenges and found secrets to success along their professional journey.

Kelly Fanelli  /  Membership Director  /  Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches
Carlos Phillips  /  President & CEO  /  Greenville Chamber
Matt Pivarnik, CCE  /  President & CEO  /  Greater Topeka Partnership
Jennifer Schmiel, CCE, IOM  /  Senior Vice President, Member Engagement  /  Dallas Regional Chamber

Education Transformation  /  Audio (mp3)
Hear how two chambers – driven to meet tomorrow's skills demands – are transforming the way that students learn, educators teach and businesses engage. Explore how your chamber, too, can work together with businesses to transform education and build a pool of talent for the future.

Donny Jones  /  Chief Operating Officer  /  Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama
Erik Williams  /  Director of Community Development  /  Vail Valley Partnership

Strategies to Win Talent  /  Audio (mp3)
Talent is the new currency of economic development, and a hot topic for business and civic leaders alike. Hear how the Dallas Regional Chamber used needs assessments and data to activate and sustain a national marketing campaign to recruit top talent from around the world to the Dallas region. Discover opportunities and strategies your chamber can use to position your community above the competition as an attractive place for talent.

Jessica Heer  /  Senior Vice President, Talent Development  /  Dallas Regional Chamber
Kelle Marsalis, CCE, IOM  /  Vice President of Strategic Initiatives  /  Dallas Regional Chamber

The Reluctant Generation: Inspiring Gen X to Lead  /  Presentation (PDF)
Generation X, sandwiched between the Baby Boomers and Millenials, is the smallest generation in today's workforce. A new research study shows that Gen X-ers, particularly women, are more reluctant to get involved in their chambers and communities. So what gives? Dig into the study's findings and examine ways your chamber can motivate this group to step up and lead.

Presenter: Kristin Brighton  /  Principal  /  New Boston Creative Group, LLC

11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

A Record-Breaking Investor Campaign  /  Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)
With a team of 60 dedicated volunteers, the Greater Des Moines Partnership concluded its five-year investor campaign in 2017, achieving a 19 percent overall growth in investor revenues. In this session, learn what it takes to run a successful campaign—from assembling a volunteer cabinet and building engagement to defining and communicating your chamber’s value proposition.

Kathryn Kunert  /  Vice Chair, Board of Directors  /  Greater Des Moines Partnership
Tiffany Tauscheck, CDME  /  Chief Strategy Officer  /  Greater Des Moines Partnership

Advocacy Sells  /  Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)
The art of selling advocacy begins with meaningful collaboration between your chamber’s advocacy and membership teams. The journey extends to programmatic alignment and design, volunteer engagement and innovative communication tools. Learn how the Charleston Metro Chamber changed the way it sells by identifying advocacy’s impact on prospective members. You’ll hear how the chamber designed initiatives in tandem with local and signature programs, mobilized a grassroots network of volunteer leaders and young professionals, trained membership staff on advocacy priorities and more.

Bryan Derreberry  /  President & CEO  /  Charleston Metro Chamber
Adrian Cain  /  Chief Development Officer  /  Charleston Metro Chamber
Ian Scott  /  Senior Vice President of Advocacy  /  Charleston Metro Chamber

Talent Success Stories  /  Audio (mp3)
In this fast-paced, round-robin session, members of ACCE’s Education Attainment Division will each spend five minutes sharing talent-focused success stories. Hear how these chamber pros are driving improved higher education and talent development outcomes in their communities.

Linda Ashworth  /  VP, Chief Operating Officer  /  Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce
Deborah Hooper  /  Chief Operating Officer  /  Greensboro Chamber of Commerce
Waymond Jackson  /  Senior Vice President of Public Policy  /  Birmingham Business Alliance

The Inclusive Chamber: Diverse by Design  /  Audio (mp3)
Diverse by design, the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber has embraced an organizational strategy that’s centered on inclusion. See how they’re getting it right in this session, which explores the five dimensions of inclusion: people, programs, practices, policy and partnerships.

Mary Stagaman  /  Senior Inclusion Advisor  /  Cincinnati Regional Chamber

The Modern Look of Strategic Planning  /  Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)
Strategic planning doesn't have to be a daunting process. In this interactive session, participants will gain resources and learn methods for developing and implementing a strategic plan that delivers results and provides added value. Through directed discussions and exercises, discover the difference between effective and ineffective strategic planning methods; learn how to use your mission statement and other data sources to analyze current programs, services and future ideas; and understand the importance of a communication strategy.

Jackie Krawczak  /  President

2 to 3:30 p.m.

Building a Place for Young Professionals  /  Audio (mp3)
Evolving workforce demographics and a growing demand for talent have chambers, and the businesses and communities they serve, scrambling to retain young professionals. Learn how two chambers are helping their communities win the talent competition through quality of life initiatives, opportunities for civic engagement and by fostering a culture of inclusion.

Patricia Day  /  Project Manager  /  The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia
Sarah Moylan  /  Senior Director, Talent  /  Greater Omaha Chamber

Creative Conversions: Filling Your Funnel with Digital Leads  /  Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)
After pivoting to a conversion-driven marketing strategy, the Nashville Chamber increased website traffic, created online lead sources and ran a successful digital-only membership campaign using creative tools, methods and content. Learn how to leverage social media to engage your audience, develop targeted emails to fill your sales funnel, create content marketing strategies that generate leads and how to measure your results.

Presenter: Carly Vaughn  /  Digital Content Specialist  /  Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce

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Friday, July 20, 2018

9 to 10:30 a.m.

60 Membership Ideas in 60 Minutes  /  Audio (mp3)
Ever popular and always fast-moving, this session provides a platform for membership and sales pros to spend one minute sharing a great idea that works for their chamber.

Kathy Blank  /  Vice President  /  McKinney Chamber of Commerce
Beth McNeill  /  Senior Director, Sales & Management  /  Cincinnati Regional Chamber
Joe Unterreiner, CCE  /  President & CEO  /  Kalispell Chamber of Commerce
Jason Wittenberg  /  Membership Director  /  Rapid City Area Chamber of Commerce

The Modern Member  /  Audio (mp3)
Today membership is about creating opportunities for your audience to connect organically, not about building a directory of businesses. Learn how modern businesses are finding fans, and where modern chambers can find theirs. Be inspired by stories of success and explore strategies to transform members into fans.

Presenter: Kyle Sexton  /  Founder  /  ChamberThink Strategies


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