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Monday, July 15, 2019

9:45 to 11 a.m.

Measuring the Social Impact of Corporate Investment  /  Audio (mp3) 
By working together, leaders from the public, private and social sectors can become a catalytic force to meet our greatest societal challenges. As businesses become increasingly focused on the social impact of their operations and investments, Deloitte has developed a tool that forecasts the social impact of large corporate investments across more than 75 social measures, including education, housing, income, transportation and other factors. Learn more about the model and how the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber used the tool to analyze the impact of corporate investments.

• Darin Buelow, Global Location Strategy Leader, Deloitte


Building Communities Where Minority Businesses Thrive  /  Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)
Minority and women-owned businesses are important constituents of the business growth strategy for many communities. The most successful results are coming from communities that are building ecosystems to support that growth. Learn the key elements of systems intentionally designed to enable and support inclusive and equitable business growth for diverse businesses in their communities.                                 

• Ken James, Director of Inclusion, Grand Rapids Chamber                                               

• Greg Valdovino, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce


Culture Over Strategy  /  Audio (mp3)  
Just a few short years ago, Greater Louisville Inc.'s (GLI) employee survey came back with a 42 percent satisfaction rate; today, it stands at 83 percent. Get the inside story on how GLI came to better understand its majority-millennial workforce. Learn about the specific strategies implemented to enhance culture and strengthen morale, and how these workplace improvements boosted staff recruitment and improved diversity and inclusion throughout all operations and programmatic areas of GLI.

• Sarah Davasher-Wisdom, Chief of Staff & Chief Operating Officer, Greater Louisville Inc.   


Membership As Marriage: Developing Lifetime Relationships With Members  / Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)
Realizing that you are in the relationship business is the first step in understanding your member's expectations and developing long-term win-win relationships with them. Gain insight into relationship patterns characterizing both marriage and membership and how you can leverage them to deliver better experiences, manage expectations and create alignment between diverse interests and perceptions.            

• Cathi Hight, President, Hight Performance Group, Inc. 


Missonal Investors  /  Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)
To be truly effective at moving the needle on tough areas such as workforce development, transportation infrastructure or attainable housing, chambers must make a bold, long-standing commitment to addressing them. To support this important missional work, member investment must rise beyond traditional dues and sponsorship asks and transcend into a more capital-campaign mindset using metrics and storytelling. In this highly interactive session, learn how to frame the operational and “capital” asks differently and how to navigate with community partners who may already be in the space.

• Adrian Cain, Chief Development Officer, Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce

• Tina Wirth, Senior Vice President of Talent Advancement, Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce     


Work-Based Learning Successes  /  Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)
Learning doesn’t just have to happen in the classroom. When people have the chance to be immersed in a specific work environment, they build real-world skills and understanding. Hear about the different ways chambers are approaching internships and apprenticeships.                                           

• Cynthia Bennett, Vice President, Newnan-Coweta Chamber of Commerce                                             

• Joshua Monge, Director of Economic Development, Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce                     

• Dinah Becton-Consuegra, Director of Partnership Development, PBLWorks 


M&A Mergers and Alignment  /  Audio (mp3) 
Learn more about the latest merger and alignment trends from across the country, as Market Street and a panel of chamber executives share their personal experiences and words of wisdom about mergers and realignment. This session will help chamber executives be proactive and appropriately responsive to potential merger discussions and organizational alignment in their communities.

• J. Mac Holladay, CCE, Founder & CEO, Market Street Services
• Bob Quick, CCE, President & CEO, Commerce Lexington Inc.
• Matt Pivarnik, CCE, IOM, President & CEO, Greater Topeka Partnership


Perspective, Collaboration, Growth: Chamber Leadership Initiatives/Audio (mp3)/Presentation (PDF)
With cities and regions competing for top talent, leadership and mentorship initiatives are tools chambers are using to engage emerging generations, strengthen their ties to the community, and enhance the relevancy of their organizations. This session will share best practices for leadership initiatives from chambers in Rochester, N.Y. and Billings, Mont.

• Jennifer Reiser, IOM, Chief Operating Officer, Billings Chamber of Commerce
• Shannon Ealy, Senior Manager of Marketing & Engagement, Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce      


11:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

60 Sponsorship Ideas in 60 Minutes, sponsored by YGM  /  Audio (mp3)  
In the competitive world of corporate sponsorship, chambers can get ahead of the game with strong strategies and creative concepts. Share a success story and be inspired by dozens of others in this fast-paced, panel-facilitated session.

• Ruth Littlefield, CCE, IOM, Chief Results Officer, Littlefield Management Solutions (moderator)

This session was sponsored by YGM


Chambers and Economic Development  /  Audio (mp3)  
Whether or not your chamber houses the formal economic development function, you are in the economic and community development business. Attend this session for insights into how you can showcase those activities more effectively, tie the work to your mission and highlight return on investment. The session will also explore ways to create more meaningful collaboration between your economic development team and other staff departments like membership, programs, communications and more.           

• James Reddish, CEcD, Executive Vice President, Little Rock Regional Chamber                 

• Megan Lucas, CCE, CEcD, IOM, CEO & Chief Economic Development Officer, Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance           

• Roy Williams, CCE, President & CEO, Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce                                                                               


Recruiting the Next Generation of Leaders /  Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)

Fun fact: Half of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce’s (Ill.) board is under the age of 40. Learn about the chamber’s focused and intentional strategies to recruit, engage and involve young business and community leaders, not just in separate programs for young professionals but in the core of the chamber’s leadership team. Understand what it takes to recruit younger business leaders and leverage their skills and enthusiasm to build the next generation of chamber leaders.                                                               

• Nicki Anderson, President and CEO, Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce 


Equity as an Economic Imperative  /  Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)
In 2011, the Tulsa Regional Chamber (Okla.) launched Mosaic, a business diversity council focused on presenting the business case for diversity and inclusion to its members. By 2018, however, Mosaic’s efforts had plateaued. Leaders realized the organization was only looking at diversity and inclusion, and equity was missing from the conversation. Get an understanding of how and why Mosaic transitioned to an equity-focused coalition of companies and nonprofits striving to cultivate a more diverse, inclusive and equitable membership, business environment and community as a whole.                                               

• Kuma Roberts, Executive Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce


Strategies for Building the Right Talent Pipeline  /  Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)
Building a strong talent pipeline is critical for the long-term economic vitality of any community. Explore the different ways chambers ensure that they have the right talent for the future and discuss some of the policies that impact the development of strong talent pipelines.                                             

• Amanda Bergson-Shilcock, Director of Upskilling Policy, National Skills Coalition                 

• April Brown, Director of Existing Industry and Workforce Development, Economic Development Coalition Asheville Buncombe County       

• Dean Blinkhorn, Director of Talent Development, Ocala/Marion County Chamber & Economic Partnership


CCE: Certifying the Profession  /  Audio (mp3)  
Designed for experienced leaders, Certified Chamber Executive (CCE) is the highly-recognized designation for high-achieving chamber professionals. Learn how certification can boost your professional confidence and take your career to the next level, and how a prestigious alumni network of 500+ CCEs can help get you there.                         

• Matt McCormick, CCE, IOM, President and CEO, Columbia Chamber of Commerce

• Linda Rabe, CCE, IOM, President and CEO, Rapid City Area Chamber of Commerce


2 to 3:30 p.m.


How Collaboration Generates Groundbreaking Community Projects /  Audio (mp3) 
Community partnerships among a diverse group of organizations and business leaders are essential to creating lasting growth within the community. Learn from Greater Des Moines Partnership’s experience in bringing key changemakers to the table and understand how consistent leadership, increased resources and common goals have helped move major projects forward in Des Moines. Learn how to do the same in your community by creating an outline of steps for project implementation and realizing the benefits of including many different community voices to achieve success.                               

• Tiffany Tauscheck, Chief Strategy Officer, Greater Des Moines Partnership


A Spotlight on Higher Education  /  Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)
Higher education provides opportunities to build a skilled workforce and improve outcomes for communities and individuals. Grow your community’s workforce, support their training and promote prosperity when you explore the different ways to engage with higher education partners in your region.                                 

• William Moses, Managing Director, Education, The Kresge Foundation                                         

• Lucia Cape, CCE, Senior Vice President, Economic Development, Industry Relations & Workforce, Huntsville/Madison County Chamber                                               

• Elizabeth Caudill, Managing Director of Higher Education and Workforce, Dallas Regional Chamber             

• Gilbert Zavala, Vice President, Education & Talent Development, Austin Chamber 

• Kwee Lan Teo, Vice President, Talent Development & Acquisition, Austin Chamber


Fast-Tracking Your Chamber's Strategic Change /  Audio (mp3)  
The chamber industry is in a state of accelerated evolution and maintaining relevance in this environment is increasingly challenging. But, it can be done, as demonstrated by the Edwardsville/Glen Carbon Chamber’s (Ill.) aggressive and rapid structural turnaround over the last few years. Since adopting their strategic plan in 2014, the chamber has downsized its board from 24 to 9, transitioned from a working board to a policy-focused board, formed a political action committee, adopted a tiered dues structure and more. In this interactive workshop, geared towards small staff chambers, learn about what inspired the change and gain tactical takeaways and strategies for success.                                                 

• Desiree Bennyhoff, IOM, ACE, President & CEO, Edwardsville-Glen Carbon Chamber of Commerce


Hacking Digital Transformation  /  Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)
The Austin Chamber launched an end-to-end digital transformation project, resetting its defining several functional staff roles to align with the plan. A major undertaking, the project included a new CRM, marketing platform, accounting system, member portal and other related integrations. This session will provide insights into this major investment, while also showcasing the small hacks and early wins that have led to some of the most benifical outcomes.                                           

• Jonathan Packer, SVP Customer Experience at the Austin Chamber


Telling Your Chamber's Story  /  Audio (mp3)

The traits and habits of modern consumers are changing, from how they get their news to how they purchase shoes. Is your chamber adapting to remain relevant, tell your story and showcase your impact? Learn more about how your chamber can utilize free and paid tools to cut through the information clutter to engage your members and educate your community.

• Timothy Murray, President & CEO, Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce

• Sharyn Williams, Vice President of Marketing, Communications, Programs and Events, Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce


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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

9:15 to 10:30 a.m.

Women are an untapped resource for a bustling business economy. Whether they are starting their own businesses or stepping up to take leadership roles in existing businesses, chambers can support women in business in different ways. Join us to hear more about the types of programs and approaches chambers take to make sure women are part of their economic growth strategy.

•Tim Daman, President and CEO, Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce

•Becky Davison, Marketing Director, Halifax Chamber of Commerce

•Betsy Gardner Eckbert. President & CEO, Winter Park Chamber

•Andrea Stevenson Conner, President, ATHENA International


Chamber Impact, Built on a Strong Foundation /  Session Materials
Chambers of commerce are in the community impact business, and many chambers are leveraging their foundations to create new revenue streams to support their work. From talent pipeline and community health to economic inclusion and community vibrancy, learn how creative chambers are finding new funding for mission-based work. This session will explore different chamber strategies for launching or revitalizing chamber foundations.

•Mark Eagan, CCE, President & CEO, Capital Region Chamber

•Dave Adkisson, CCE, President & CEO, Kentucky Chamber

•Kelly Hall, CCE, IOM, President, Longview Chamber of Commerce

•David Rattray, Executive Vice President, Center for Education Excellence & Talent Development, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce


Healthy Communities - A Prescription for Prosperity, Sponsored by AARP /  Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)
The connections between community health and prosperity have garnered increased attention over the past several years. Focusing on smaller chambers that have implemented health initiatives in their communities, hear them discuss how they got into this work and the lessons they have learned along the way.

•Bob DuBois, IOM, President & CEO, Noblesville Chamber of Commerce

•Vicki Clark, IOM, President & CEO, Cape May County Chamber of Commerce

•Thomas Piratzky, Executive Director, Cape Regional Foundation


Bridging Divides: How Chambers Can Connect Industry and Education sponsored by YouScience  /  Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)
Chamber executives have a unique perspective on their communities and regions. They work with partners who are often siloed, and they have the opportunity to connect those partners with others. This session will focus on how chambers can navigate dynamics and relationships to bring businesses and education systems to the same table.

•Donny Jones, IOM, AACE, Chief Operating Officer, The Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama & Executive Director, West Alabama Works

•Kate Lufkin, Marketing & Communications Manager, Kalispell Chamber of Commerce

•April Wood, Vice President – Membership Services, Garner Chamber of Commerce


Flipping the Script on Community Planning/  Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)
Are you looking to reenergize your community development efforts? This session will share how one small, midwestern city flipped the script on community planning to accelerate the revitalization of its central business district. You’ll hear how the Richland Area Chamber in Ohio dreamed big to move forward. The session will cover building coalitions, seeking funding for the planning process and the plan, getting the public on board, and more.

•Jodie A. Perry, CCE, IOM, CCEO-AP, President & CEO, Richland Area Chamber & Economic Development


Strategic & Profitable Intercity Visits /  Audio (mp3)  / Presentation (PDF)
Interested in learning more about organizing intercity visits or seeking ideas to refresh your own program? Hear how Greater Louisville Inc. (GLI) has used these visits as a community engagement event and profitable non-dues revenue opportunity to make big strategic changes in their region. Get tips for success, learn from GLI’s decisions (good and bad) and get ready to make your next intercity visit a catalytic change-making event for your community.

•Shawna Burton, Vice President, Engagement & Organizational Advancement, Greater Louisville Inc.


60 MEMBERSHIP IDEAS IN 60 MINUTES  /  Audio (mp3)  
Ever popular and always fast-moving, this session provides a platform for membership and sales pros to spend one minute sharing a great idea that works for their chamber.

•Ashleigh Christian, IOM, Director of Membership Development, Knoxville Chamber of Commerce (moderator)


Utilizing Local Media to Advance Your Agenda /  Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)
You don’t need an entire department dedicated to communications or public relations to be successful with your local media. It is within the power of your chamber to control the story and push your agenda in partnership with the media. How can you do that? How can you control the narrative? Hear from a former TV news reporter and current chamber communications director about utilizing more than just email or social media to broadcast your message.

•Brad Johnson, Director of Communications and Marketing, Columbia Chamber of Commerce


10:45 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Supporting Supplier Diversity Programs Audio (mp3)

Supplier diversity programs have existed in large corporations for many years. Chambers have the power to encourage business communities to adopt and expand these types of programs, which help promote equitable economic growth and bolster small businesses. Hear how chambers have encouraged supplier diversity programs in their regions as a strategy for building inclusive economies.   

  • Belinda Matthews-Stenson, Director of Minority Business Development, Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce

  • Tyrone Tyra, Vice President of Community & Minority Business Development, Commerce Lexington Inc.

New Approaches to Health Insurance Programs /  Audio (mp3) 

In the good old days, chambers could actually create value and support for their mission with health insurance programs – then came the ACA!  Members still need help in this arena and chambers have responded in a variety of ways by experimenting with new approaches. This session will cover efforts to create self-insured multiple employer plans, partner with faith based medical cost sharing programs and explore the potential for new Association Health Plans.  Each approach has risks and opportunities, as the chamber work to creating value while staying “in-bounds” with changing regulatory and legal requirements and an ever-changing health insurance market. 

  • Eddie McBride, IOM, President & CEO, Lubbock Chamber of Commerce

  • Steve Millard, CCE, President & CEO, Greater Akron Chamber

  • Chris Romer, IOM, President & CEO, Vail Valley Partnership


Better Decision-Making with Data: How to Become a Data Convert /  Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)
Have you ever had to make a strategic decision and persuade your team and stakeholders to agree? Then this is the session for you! Representatives from the 2018 Michigan Chamber of the Year will give you plans and tools for making those decisions confidently and efficiently by using data. Learn how using data to determine your key performance indicators in areas of sales, retention, marketing, events, and even in managing your staff to help you make better decisions, faster. Understand the difference between a vanity metric and a valuable metric and leave with a framework for building your own data dashboards.


The Case for Focusing on Soft Skills Development  Audio (mp3) /  Presentation (PDF)
Success in the workforce depends on so much more than technical skills. What can chambers do to meet the demand for workforce-ready talent? Hear from chambers whose programs focus on developing core and soft skills to prepare the next generation of workers.  

•Vern Squier, CCE, President & CEO, Chamber of Business & Industry of Centre County (CBICC)

•Meredith Rozanski, CPA, COO, Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce


Recruiting Transformational Investors /  Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)

Our expert panel will share how dropping traditional transactional selling practices has opened the door to investments exceeding the limitations of standardized rate cards. Discover actionable strategies to position your chamber mission as a cause and compel major employers to invest in your long-range vision for your community.

•Doug and Bill Holman, Partners, Holman Brothers Membership Sales Solutions

•Christy Gillenwater, CCE, President & CEO, Chattanooga Area Chamber

•Kristofer T. Johnson, IOM, President & CEO, Association of Washington Business

•Michael S. Neal, CCE, President & CEO, Tulsa Regional Chamber


Get to the Point: Making Presentations Work for Your Audience Session Materials
We’ve all been there. Stuck in a meeting where the presenter reads directly from the slide, line by line. Slowly, audience members disengage and turn to their phones. This session will help you create presentations that gain and maintain a strong connection with your audience, so your message is not only heard, but embraced.

•Julie Granger, Executive Vice President, Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce

•Carrie Gossett, Director of Digital Communications, Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce


2 to 3:15 p.m.

Achievement of a Lifetime: Stories and Advice from Sales Award Winners /  Audio (mp3)
Learn from membership sales professionals who have achieved extraordinary success in chamber membership sales. What does it take to get to the top in ACCE’s annual Sales Contest? How does one climb the ladder of success in the Lifetime Sales Achievement Award program? Get answers from this panel of champions.

•David Pruente, Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce

•Gina Martens, Senior Vice President of Member Relations & Sales, Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce

•Karri Clark, IOM, Membership Services Director, Bozeman Area Chamber of Commerce

•D’Andre Allegra, Membership Development Manager, McKinney Chamber of Commerce


How to Attract Talent with Research-Based Storytelling /  Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)
Competition to attract talent is more intense than ever before. Often, the task of luring workers into your community falls to the chamber of commerce. This session will use data to show chamber leaders what talent is looking for when making decisions, how talent is getting their information and how you can create a strategy to reach the demographic that your community wants to attract.


Hosting Successful Diversity Summits /  Audio (mp3)  

Holding a diversity summit can be a great debut into diversity and inclusion work. Hear chambers discuss the lessons they learned about the content, format and promotion of diversity summits.

•Sheron Rose, Vice President, Community Strategies, Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce

•Dr. Nika White, Senior Advisor to the Greenville Chamber's Diversity & Inclusion Initiative, Greenville Chamber

•Dexter Freeman, IOM, Vice President of Operations and Administration, Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce


Developing the Tools to Help Small Businesses Grow /  Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)
To address the needs of its local small businesses, The Greater Des Moines Partnership created the Small Business Resources Hub: a one-stop-shop portal that helps small businesses access information and resources in areas such as accounting, events, finances, marketing, and more. Learn how the chamber did the research necessary to solve the problems of a significant sector of its business community and developed a tool that responded to their needs.

•Meg Schneider, IOM, CAE, Senior Vice President, Business Resources and Community Development, Greater Des Moines Partnership


Evaluating Entrepreneurial Ecosystems /  Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)
The Boulder Economic Council of the Boulder Chamber worked with the University of Colorado Boulder to evaluate the competitiveness of the city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem compared to peer cities around the country. In this session, participants will learn about the methodology uses and how to identify metrics, economic indicators and other data sources that can be used to measure the performance of your own ecosystem.

•Clif Harald, Executive Director, Boulder Economic Council (BEC), Boulder Chamber


Harnessing the Power of Immigration for Growth / Session Materials
Chambers across the country are looking at ways to integrate immigrants to spur economic growth. This session will showcase how large and small chambers are approaching this issue and will provide some best practice resources.

•Kate Brick, Director, State and Local Initiatives, New American Economy

•Belinda Garza Hartwig, Vice President of Economic Development, San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

•Paola Avila, Vice President, International Business Affairs, San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce

•Andy Johnston, Vice President of Government & Corporate Affairs, Grand Rapids Chamber


Duty of Foresight: New Competencies for Agile Boards /  Audio (mp3)  /  Presentation (PDF)
As membership organizations become more complex and diverse, they will require boards of directors with a wide range of knowledge, skills and behaviors to address the needs and challenges of the market. One growing trend is to move away from a constituency-based board to a governance model using a competency-based process to recruit directors. As directors currently commit to delivering on the three “D’s”: Duty of Care, Duty of Loyalty and Duty of Obedience, discover the fourth “D”: Duty of Foresight, and assess whether you have the “right people on the bus” to help your chamber navigate the future.

•Cathi Hight, President, Hight Performance Group, Inc.


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